Dear Artists and Friends!


Legnica SILVER Festival is cancelled. Planned exhibitions and events will take place in 2021. But at the weekend, which was to be a silver celebration – will remain it! We invite you to SILVER On!-Line – virtual May with silver. In this way, we want to symbolically celebrate the festival, promote contemporary jewelry, as well as cheer silver Artists and Friends around the world. We start on the culmination days (May 8-9), because on these days we were supposed to meet in Legnica.


We prepared for you many attractions which will appear in our social media and websites. You can find the links HERE and HERE.

We will miss you this year and we look forward to meeting you in a virtual world. We would like to enable you to contact each other. Therefore, we encourage you to share your reflections, present how you creatively spend time at home or in the workshop, or say a few words of greetings. Go ahead and upload your photos and recordings to the event we created on Facebook: Silver On!line. You can also send us materials directly by email and we will take care of publish them.

Without losing hope for next year’s meeting at a beautiful Festival in a beautiful world we remember a few months ago, we invite you to many other meetings with Legnica SILVER Festival online.

We begin Silver On!line with a virtual exhibiton on Klimt02 – the biggest website promoting contemporary jewellery.

You can find the link HERE.




In connection with the pandemic, the cancellation of Legnica SILVER Festival 2020 and the postponement of the International Jewellery Competition, we present below the updated Terms & Regulations of the 29th International Jewellery Competition Still Human? The deadlines for submitting and returning the works to their authors, dates of jury proceedings and the announcement the winners (Festival culmination) have been changed (postponed). Other arrangements remain unchanged.













Dear Artists, Competition Participants, Partners and Friends!

Dear Audience!

We regret to inform you that due to the development of the pandemic situation and in accordance with the regulation declaring an epidemic state in Poland, issued by the Minister of Health on 20th March 2020, also bearing in mind the health and safety of the participants of Legnica SILVER Festival as well as the inhabitants of our city, this year's edition of the event has been cancelled.

The difficult and extreme situation that we all have found ourselves in made it impossible to deliver shipments from many countries on time and to hold the debate of the 29th International Jewellery Competition Still Human? Jury at the previously arranged time. The dynamic development of events also made our joint meeting in Legnica during the culmination weekend of the Festival on 8-9 May 2020 improbable. The festival program will be implemented in 2021.

We count on your understanding of this extremely difficult decision, especially in the face of such advanced preparations for the event. Nevertheless, SILVER Festival is not only about exhibitions, but most of all about you - the people who co-create it. Without you here, we cannot imagine a "silver Legnica". Therefore, trusting that we will all meet next year, we invite you to the 2021 edition of Legnica SILVER Festival.

In connection with this, the 29th International Jewellery Competition Still Human? is settled on his standard deadlines with one year delay. So we would like to inform the Artists interested in the that due to global difficulties in postal and courier services, we have extended the deadline for submitting works till May 31, 2020.  

 See you next year!

P.S. Will we still be (the same) humans?





 We would like to inform you that due to organizational difficulties related to the epidemic threat, we have extended the deadline for sending works to the 29th International Jewellery Competition STILL HUMAN? until April 30, 2020.

Terms & Regulations and the Entry Form can be found here:

Terms & Conditions

Entry Form

At the same time, we would like to point out that due to the uncertainty of current situation, we are considering postponing the date of the Competition's settlement and further extension of the deadline for submitting works. We will keep you informed.

Despite the exceptionally difficult circumstances, we still encourage you to enter the Competition and we look forward to receiving your applications.

Stay healthy!


29th International Jewellery Competition


With pleasure and hope for unique results we announce the topic of the 29th International Jewellery Competition:




A holographic Whitney Houston is just setting off on a European tour, and she is not the first pop idol resurrected to perform “live” again...  You can plan a holiday in space because in two years' time a hotel on orbit will be available for an exorbitant price of nearly $ 800,000 per day!

A brave new world? Is it really for us?

We, humans, are drowning in depression - in ten years' time depression will be the most common disease of mankind, although even today only 5% of the population are considered thoroughly healthy. Obesity kills three times as many people as famine, while death from exhaustion happens every second in the world, with half the food produced globally being wasted. In our civilized world, wars, attacks, assaults and massacres still pay off, and two out of five murdered women in the world are killed at home by their partner.

 Today, as the philosopher writes ominously, "we can only fear ourselves”1

 Even theocentrism and the Copernican Revolution have not cured us from selfishness, nor have they taught us humility in the face of nature’s greatness and the power of its elements. Living in a post-human reality shared with humanoid mutants, clones, cyborgs and hybrids, we still refuse to accept the crisis of anthropocentrism.

 In an era when machines are smarter than people and it is with them that we spend most of the day, when we irreversibly overgrow with plastic (it is deposited in our bodies and at the bottom of the oceans), when we are able to examine, produce and sell everything, we continue to argue about the humanity of the zygote, the primitive tribes, the coloured races, or finally the urban existence that isolates us from nature and the natural rhythm of day and night, replacing the bonds of neighbourhood with media-communities. We still need bodies, but aesthetic medicine and medical nanotechnologies, body art with Orlan and Stelarc at the forefront, body hacking and virtual reality evidence the fact that we are just crossing this immemorial border. We haven’t got rid of the reptile's brain, but we have gained a "smartphone thumb", we haven’t freed ourselves from animal instincts, but we get cybersex and adrenaline... in the cinema chair.

 Would the first cloned sheep Dolly or Alba (the fluorescent rabbit by Eduardo Kac) forgive us? And the lions, elephants and whales killed mindlessly on a whim, or dolphins, whom we defined as non-human persons in 2013, but still imprison, abuse and kill? Choosing the concrete jungle, the virtual world, swallowing synthetic dietary supplements, drinking nutritional drinks - are we as human as our ancestors? Turning away from other people and  towards ourselves in a selfie gesture – are we still human? Have we conquered the world or have we destroyed it?

Behind all this there are human beings... But are they still human?


1 Jolanta Brach-Czaina, Błony umysłu, Warsaw, Sic! Publishing House, 2003, p. 123 



We invite you to take up the challenge presented by this topic and we look forward to see your ideas. We are counting on your inspiring and creative voice in the discussion and we are waiting for your entries until 30 April 2020. Soon the Terms & Regulations with the development of the competition theme will be published on our website.  At the same time we would like to inform you that the culmination of next year's Festival, to which we are already inviting you, will take place on 8-9 May 2020.


Terms & Conditions

Entry Form



1. The Participant grants the Organizer the permission to process their personal data in order to organize the Competition and the series of post-competition exhibitions by signing the relevant clause on the Entry Form. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary to take part in the Competition.

2. The administrator of personal data is the Gallery of Art in Legnica, located at Pl. Katedralny 1, 59-220 Legnica, e-mail:, The Administrator will process personal data of Competition Participants, placed in the Entry Form signed by the Participant, and the names and country of origin of the Participants whose works will be exhibited at post-competition exhibitions will be made public. Disclosure of the afore mentioned data to the public includes their publication on the Organizer’s websites and and as well as on the Organizer’s pages in social media, in the printed catalogues and other publications connected with Legnica SILVER Festival and the International Jewellery Competition, their placement at the exhibitions by the Participant’s work(s) and their inclusion in informatory and advertisement materials made available to the media and other related entities.

3. The purposes of the Participants' data processing are: a) organization of the Competition (legal basis for the processing: Art 6 § 1 pt f of the GDPR); b) fulfillment of obligations resulting from legal regulations, in particular tax regulations in case of Competition winners (legal basis for processing: Art 6 § 1 pt c of the GDPR); c) possible pursuit of claims or defense against submitted claims, in particular regarding infringements of copyright and image protection (legal basis for processing: : Art 6 § 1 pt f of the GDPR).

4.  The personal data of participants will be made available to entities providing services to the Organizer (e.g. a postal and courier companies), to members of the Jury and Co-Organizers. Participants' personal data will not be profiled.




Stay informed, enter your email address and we will notify you of current events.



Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2020