A list of artists qualified

in the 26h Legnica International Jewellery Competition IDENTITY:


Sabrina Ackermann – Niemcy / Germany

Violeta Adomaitytė  – Litwa / Lithuania

Sharareh Aghaei – Iran / Iran

Jordi Aparicio – Hiszpania / Spain

Miriam Arentz – Niemcy / Germany

Isabelle Azaïs – Francja / France

Burcu Büyükünal – Turcja / Turkey

Carla Castiajo – Portugalia / Portugal

Eunmi Chun – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Trinidad Contreras – Hiszpania / Spain

Ana Carolina Escobar – Kolumbia/Francja / Colombia/France

Elena Gorbunova – Rosja / Russia

Martin Grosman – Czechy / Czech Republic

Mieczysław Gryza – Polska / Poland

Fernando Haro – Hiszpania / Spain

Herman Hermsen – Holandia / The Netherlands

Lucie Houdková – Czechy / Czech Republic

Romualdas Inčirauskas – Litwa / Lithuania

Barbora Jamrichová – Słowacja / Slovakia

Ji Young Kim – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Kyung Jin Kim – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Weng Ian Lai – Chiny / China

Ria Lins – Belgia / Belgium

Peter Machata – Słowacja / Slovakia

Lieta Marziali – Włochy / Italy

Magdalena Maślerz – Polska / Poland

Susanne Matsché – Austria / Austria

Christine Matthias – Niemcy / Germany

Jasmin Matzakow – Niemcy / Germany

Dot Melanin – Izrael / Israel

Daniel Michel – Niemcy / Germany

Carla Movia – Włochy / Italy

Michalina Owczarek – Polska / Poland

Andrzej Pacak – Polska / Poland

Ruudt Peters – Holandia / The Netherlands

Kirsten Plank – Niemcy / Germany

Louisa Maria Ponseele – Belgia / Belgium

Katarzyna Puchała – Polska / Poland

Mette Saabye – Dania / Denmark

Han Sang Deok – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Isabell Schaupp – Niemcy / Germany

Tom Stöckl – Niemcy / Germany

Ulrike Strempel – Niemcy / Germany

Takayoshi Terajima – Japonia / Japan

Silke Trekel – Niemcy / Germany

Sandra Vollbrecht – Niemcy / Germany

Heike Walk – Niemcy / Germany

Andreas Zidek – Niemcy / Germany





Exposition time and venue:

April 27 – June 11, 2017

The Gallery of Art in Legnica

Exhibition opening: May 20, 2017


Works must be submitted by April 5, 2017


 References to important phenomena that shape the present are a lasting  tradition of Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER. Proposing topics for future competitions we have been trying to follow current civilisational changes and thus inspire artist-goldsmiths, designers and makers of unique jewellery to overpass the schemes and search for individual interpretations.

As it happens, recently, there has not probably been an issue that would not be politically marked – and usually in a negative context. Social processes and their rapid re-evaluations that we are witnessing are described in a language of extreme emotions and not of facts; and ‘post-truth’ becomes the word of the year.  As a result existing criteria for ordering the individual / community relation more and more often force us to make world view declarations. At the same time the very identity of an individual acquires an almost exclusively virtual quality and becomes the subject of self-creation, manipulation and even identity theft.

Designer jewellery, that has always been treated as a  personal amulet, a symbol, a determinant of individual identity, today is subject to the same mechanisms of ruthless marketing as any product, service, emotion or experience. Therefore new questions  arise  with respect to the item / user relation both in the real and virtual context so ruthlessly shaped by the economy of profit.

Are material amulets still needed to manifest our identity?

Have former functions of jewellery been indivertibly taken over by electronic accessories?

Will the personal item made of precious materials get indivertibly replaced by the Big Data algorithm, which is able to make our personality profile on the basis of just 50 traces that we unwittingly leave on the Internet?


Sławomir Fijałkowski













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