On April 11 & 12 the proceedings of the Jury of the 27th International Jewellery Competition ILLUSION took place. 495 works by 195 artists from 34 countries had been submitted.

The Jury members were: David Bielander (Switzerland / Germany), Norman Cherry (Great Britain), Sławomir Fijałkowski (Poland), Sara Gackowska (Poland), Nanna Melland (Norway).






in the 27th Legnica International Jewellery Competition ILLUSION


Laurent Brune – Francja / France

Sungho Cho – Korea Południowa / South Korea

"TRYB" Anna i Witold Chudzik – Polska / Poland

Marion Delarue – Francja / France

Georg W. Dobler – Niemcy / Germany

Dagmar Christina Gerke – Niemcy / Germany

Mieczysław Gryza – Polska / Poland

Maja Houtman – Holandia / The Netherlands

Tzu Chun Hung – Tajwan / Taiwan

Margit Jäschke – Niemcy / Germany

Minna Karhu – Finlandia / Finland

Cathleen Kämpfe – Niemcy / Germany

Shin-Lyoung Kim – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Eszter Sára Kocsor – Węgry / Hungary

Jil Koehn – Niemcy / Germany

Akiko Kurihara – Japonia/Włochy / Japan/Italy

Kyung Jin Kim– Korea Południowa / South Korea

Young Im Lee – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Jongseok Lim – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Magdalena Maślerz – Polska / Poland

Dot Melanin – Izrael / Israel

Satoshi Nakamura – Japonia / Japan

Thanh-Truc Nguyen – Niemcy / Germany

Michalina Owczarek – Polska / Poland

Sanghee Park – Korea Południowa / South Korea

Sham Patwardhan-Joshi – Niemcy / Germany

Felicity Peters – Australia / Australia

Mária Roskó – Węgry / Hungary

Marta Rudnicka – Polska / Poland

Agnieszka Sendecka – Polska / Poland

Gisbert Stach – Niemcy / Germany

Christoph Straube – Niemcy / Germany

Céline Sylvestre – Francja / France

Mari Syren – Finlandia / Finland

Timothy Information Limited – Wielka Brytania / Great Britain

Silke Trekel – Niemcy / Germany

Martin Verner – Czechy / Czech Republic

Silvia Walz – Niemcy/Hiszpania / Germany/Spain

Fang-Jin Yeh – Tajwan / Taiwan








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Deadline for submitting works is April 3rd 2018.





It is not certain which was first: a man or an illusion? One can imagine life without a man, but is life without illusions still conceivable? Perhaps we would not exist if it was not for an illusion but ultimately, we live with it in an inseparable tangle like jing and yang.

It is impossible to do without it in everyday reality. It is widely used for various purposes. Most often as a means, an instrument, a method to surprise, manipulate, deceive, cheat, and finally achieve the intended effect, a specific goal. Not necessarily a morally reprehensible one.

Illusion can be defined in various ways, located in different orders, from physical and aesthetic to psychosocial and political. Although it apparently originates from the neutral world of optics, in fact it seems to be that fleeting and ambivalent filter, lens, stained glass between the sacred and the profane, the unconscious cause of our triumphs and disasters, the source of beauty and nightmare, pleasure and pain, truth and falsehood, love and solitude. In a word – a remedy for all evil, but often with side effects.

Illusion is a paradox in which a phenomenon – illusory, false and fictitious by its very nature – serves to describe actual reality, considered to be the only true one. And yet the very possibility of illusion is an incentive to negate reality, to make use of an alternative reality. Thus illusion is a confirmation of how dual and ambiguous we are. And that – perhaps – it is impossible to define a man without the concept of illusion, an illusory imagination or a transgression of reality.

Illusion, a substitute for fulfilled dreams, but also a causative spirit for everything. Although it deceives and misleads, it can also be creative and constructive because illusions inspire and initiate actions, they are the driving force behind our deeds. Illusion is a kind of attractive, often risky game to play with others or oneself. A kind of challenge, search, denial, provocation and rejection of the known reality. But also a medicine and an escape from it in order to perceive the world from a different perspective, to “heal the soul” or just satisfy one’s need for adrenaline. It seems to be everything, although it is not (?) God. It was out of this unbridled want for illusion that art was created, including jewellery … Because illusion is a glow, magic, dazzle, fantasy, it is emotion, memory and an inexhaustible source of stories, so why should we not succumb to it one more time.


Monika Szpatowicz



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