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the 28th International Jewellery Competition "Silver” is underway.

Deadline for submission of competition entries: 1 April 2019

(Works must reach the Gallery within this deadline - the date on the postmark is irrelevant.)

Also, take into account, please, that works sent from abroad may get stuck at the Customs which causes delays in their arrival at the Gallery.


As usual, the Competition is the main event of Legnica SILVER Festival, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary. This year’s theme “Silver” refers to the origin and history of the Festival.


The Entry Form is available here: ENTRY FORM

Competition Terms & Regulations are available: COMPETITION TERMS


The 28th International Jewellery Competition "SILVER" is an open contest - professional artists as well as amateurs and debutants from all corners of the world are welcome. Submitted works are expected to be jewellery in a broad sense of the word, to represent a high level of artistry and execution, to contain an original, creative concept and a clear reference to the theme of the Competition. The organizers do not set any limits as to the materials and techniques applied, however, due to this year's title - emphasizing the 40-year-old tradition of the Festival - we suggest the use of silver.


Welcome to the 28. International Jewellery Competition (this year more SILVER than ever)!




Pretext is always important.

A pretext for making a decision, for creative engagement, for revealing one’s opinion.

Proposing competition slogans / topics /reasons, every year we searched for such pretexts, hoping that they would become a source of inspiration, irritation, interference – for authors, recipients, observers.

In recent years we have reflected together the importance of rituals (2012), the social and personal justification of revolt (2013), the canon of the classic (2014), barriers and transgressions that form  boundaries (2015), the phenomenon of the city (2016), components of cultural identity ( 2017) and finally the phenomenon of illusion in art (2018).

This year we decided not to look for a pretext or an excuse. It materialized on its own (though it have been with us constantly since 1979 - for the entire 40 years of the history of Legnica silver festivals and exhibitions of design jewellery). And that's why it's still so important to us.


SILVER / Argentum


A subject that calls for a return to the sources, focus, patience and attention, perfection of execution, a reinterpretation of the term "noble metal" - in its material, chemical, historical, mercantile, cultural or symbolic value.


Prof. Sławomir Fijałkowski



1. The Participant grants the Organizer the permission to process their personal data in order to organize the Competition and the series of post-competition exhibitions by signing the relevant clause on the Entry Form. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary to take part in the Competition.

2. The administrator of personal data is the Gallery of Art in Legnica, located at Pl. Katedralny 1, 59-220 Legnica, e-mail:, The Administrator will process personal data of Competition Participants, placed in the Entry Form signed by the Participant, and the names and country of origin of the Participants whose works will be exhibited at post-competition exhibitions will be made public. Disclosure of the afore mentioned data to the public includes their publication on the Organizer’s websites and and as well as on the Organizer’s pages in social media, in the printed catalogues and other publications connected with Legnica SILVER Festival and the International Jewellery Competition, their placement at the exhibitions by the Participant’s work(s) and their inclusion in informatory and advertisement materials made available to the media and other related entities.

3. The purposes of the Participants' data processing are: a) organization of the Competition (legal basis for the processing: Art 6 § 1 pt f of the GDPR); b) fulfillment of obligations resulting from legal regulations, in particular tax regulations in case of Competition winners (legal basis for processing: Art 6 § 1 pt c of the GDPR); c) possible pursuit of claims or defense against submitted claims, in particular regarding infringements of copyright and image protection (legal basis for processing: : Art 6 § 1 pt f of the GDPR).

4.  The personal data of participants will be made available to entities providing services to the Organizer (e.g. a postal and courier companies), to members of the Jury and Co-Organizers. Participants' personal data will not be profiled.

5. Participants’ personal data will be stored for the period necessary to achieve the objectives referred to in pt 4 above. Participants of the Competition are entitled to access their personal data, demand their correction or deletion, limitation of their processing and to  submit a complaint to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.







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