Rarer than diamont


The exhibition has been prepared on the initiative of the artist - Cezary Łutowicz, who is known for its fondness for striped flint, presents the jewelry made with the use of this very beautiful and rare stone.

Stripped Flint is a hard sedimentary rock (7 steps in the scale of Mohs, diamond – 10) appearing in the figure of very sculpting concretions in calcareous rock.

In the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age, it was used for the manufacture of axes of the magic, ritual and cult importance. Its grains recall rough water and hit one to another spark and fire.

Sandomierz is the only place on Earth where there is a striped flint is the Earth (that’s why this stone is being regarded as “the most Polish stone”). Cezary Łutowicz settled in the early 70s just there, and began his adventure with this unusual material.

At first alone, and then thanks to personal efforts, popularized stripped flint in the new, decorative and artistic function, among others by organizing Goldsmith's Workshops together with the Regional Museum in Sandomierz. Today also large companies are designing a jewellery with stripped flint ( e.g. Kruk), and stars of the world pop culture are carrying it , however it still isn't enough known in Poland.

At the exhibition you will see among other works produced during the workshop, the work from the collection of the Regional Museum in Sandomierz and the work of artists who have a liking to this extremely beautiful, durable and rare material.

Participants of the exhibition:
· Andrzej Bielak
· Barbara Kańska Bielak
· Krzysztof Bogusławski
· Andrzej Boss
· Mariusz Gliwiński
· Jarosław Kolec
· Cezary Łutowicz
· Mariusz Pajączkowski
· Krzysztof Piotrowski



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