Exhibition STFZ.ECO presents works of members of the Goldsmithing Artists' Association, which took part in the discussion about status and condition of world of nature. They show by the forms of jewellery its beauty and excellent composition, but also destructive human activity. It is the constructive, sometimes critical or even aggressive, sometimes gentle and subtle, but above all very authentic voice.

I view the pieces participating in the following exhibition by the members of the Goldsmithing Artists' Association – various works, interesting ideas, important messages, surprising associations, sophisticated technologies – but I am not to judge the standard of this exhibition. I am glad that Mariusz Pajączkowski hit on an idea and carried it out with the cooperation of Woytek Rygało. I am also glad that several dozen members have taken part in this exhibition, that a beautiful catalogue has been released, that our friends from Legnica have helped us achieve it, that the community has participated in an important debate, that we are not an apathetic audience. It is confirmation indeed that the very existence of the artistic association of Polish jewellery designers makes sense.
I extend my sincere and warm thanks to Mariusz, Woytek, The Gallery off Art in Legnica, the participants themselves and all those who have contributed to make this project happen.

Andrzej Bielak

Marta Bogusz i Eugeniusz Gowkielewicz, Agnieszka Bruzda (honourable menton of STFZ), Jacek Byczewski (honourable menton of the Gallery of Art), Danuta Czapnik, Maryla Dubiel, Anna Gawłowska (honourable menton of the Gallery of Art), Marek Huculak, Joanna, Tadeusz Jaworscy i Sylwia Żebrowska, Paweł Kaczyński, Stanisław Kędzierski, Joanna Kilanowicz-Bosek, Zofia i Witold Kozubscy, Ryszarda i Tomek Krzesimowscy, Oliwia Kuczyńska, Wojciech Lach, Michał Adam Majewski, Zbigniew Michałowski (honourable menton of STFZ), Joanna Mirecka – Szuleta, Mariusz Pajączkowski (honourable menton of STFZ), Jacek Paluchowski, Jan Pomianowski, Kamilla Rohn, Ewa Rudowska, Wojciech Rygało, Wojciech Skowron, Magdalena Stajszczak, Tomasz Stajszczak, Elżbieta i Tomasz Szupienko, Jerzy Szymula, Radosław Szwed (honourable menton of STFZ), Marcin Tymiński, Urszula Wasilewska (honourable menton of STFZ), Jan Wiszniewski (honourable menton of STFZ), Anna Wojdan, Tadeusz Ziętara, Hanna i Jacek Zdanowscy


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Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2020