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Because we like it,
because we can,
because we care
...and we cry out for acclaim.

Group six exists from 2001. Its members join interest in the experimental, conceptual and avant-garde jewellery. Exhibition 6:10 is presenting works from last 3 last years and from 3 thematic exhibitions: Song `10, the Game and the Jewellery supposed to be beautiful.

This is another love song about death
This exhibition deal with the most explored cultural theme. Were artists likely to come close to a Shakespearean tragedy or, more probably, a telenovela.

In each group played player whom were arbitrarily labelled roles – etiquette, artists or artisans. Every player has a full creative freedom and the game was not necessarily a teamwork.

Jewellery must be beautiful, if not intelligent at least
To the exhibition were invited 5 women – Hanna Hedman, Susanne Klemm, Aneta Lis-Marcinkiewicz, Adrianna Lisowska and Marta Schoeneck.
The exhibition assumes exploring gender jewellery. By this we mean the impression that occasionally appears at the first touch with an object which seems either feminine or masculine. This impression is directly attributed to the object and not related to the author’s gender. It rather derives from the used technique or the work subject.


Bogumił Bytomski b. 1954 in Warsaw. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź (bachelor's degree in the field of the the jewellery design). From 1973 is dealing with jewellery. From 1994 he is a member of Goldsmithing Artists’ Association. Member and the co-founder of the Six Group. He took part in several dozen group exhibitions in Poland and abroad (among others in: England, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy). Awards: SILVER TOP`99 - 3rd Award, Studio M Gallery, Warsaw, 1999; Set Milano Gallery – 1st Award, Warsaw 1996.

Paweł Kaczyński b. in 1967 in Warsaw. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź, Faculty of Textiles and Clothing (majored in fashion and jewellery design).
He is dealing with the the jewellery design from 1990. From 1992 member of the Association of Polish Sculptors, and from 1995 of the Goldsmithing Artists’ Association (STFZ). At present at Program Council of STFZ. From many fields of art which he deal with, the jewellery became leading direction of his creative realization. Participant of several dozen exhibitions and jewellery competitions and author of dozen or so individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Juror of jewellery competitions. Member and the co-founder of the Six Group. Awards: TOP SILVER, Warsaw 1998 – honourable mention; PRESENTATIONS 2004, Warsaw – 3rd Award and honourable mention; two-time winner of the DESIGN competition of the “Watches&Jewellery” magazine (2002, 2004); MERCURIUS GEDANENSIS 2007 - Grand Prix. Works in collections: Amber Muzeum in Gdańsk, Museum in Kazimierz Dolny and in many private collections.

Krzysztof Roszkiewicz b. in 1972. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź, Facultu of Jewellery Design. He lives and works in Nieporęcie (near Warsaw). He has been working with jewellery since 1990. Member of Six Group. Participant of many exhibitions in Poland and abroad, among others: in London, Munich, Oslo, Sopot, Poznań, Cracow. Awards: TOP SILVER ’ 99, PAI TIME 2000, PRESENTATIONS 2001, ORLEN, Gallery of Art, Legnica, 2002; Quarter, Yes Gallery, Poznań 2006; Brilliant, Yes Gallery, Poznań 2008. Extreme cycling in free time.

Marcin Tymiński b. in 1972 r. in Warsaw. Member Programme Council of the Goldsmithing Artists’ Association. Author of individual exhibitions and participant of many group presentations in Poland and abroad (among others in: Germany, Sweden, Italy, Great Britain). Many times awarded, among others: AMBERIF’99 – MERCURIUS GEDANENSIS, Grand Prix, Gdańsk, 1999; SILVER TOP’ 99 – honourable mention and Fahrenhait Association Award; AMBERIF 2000 – W&K Award; PAI TIME 2000 – “Watches&Jewellery” Magazine Award; AMBERIF 2001 – MERCURIUS GEDANENSIS, Grand Prix, Gdańsk; TAHITIAN PEARL TROPHY – 1st Award for: jewellery for hand and earrings, 2002; AMBERIF 2006 – MERCURIUS GEDANENSIS, honourable mention. Works in collections: Museum of Amber in Kaliningrad, Museum in Kazimierz Dolny and in Amber Museum in Gdańsk.

Arek Wolski b. in Warsaw in 1972. Member of Six Group. Individual exhibitions (selected): YES Gallery, Poznań, 2000; Aniol Galleries, Wuppertal, 2001; Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen, 2005; Galleri Brantebjerg, Copenhagen, 2006; Spectrum Gallery, Munich (with Florence Lehmann, Mia Maljojoki), 2009. Awards: AMBERIF 2000 - Special Award, Gdańsk, 2000; AMBERIF DESIGN AWARD – honourable mention, Gdańsk, 2000; Figure and of Form – 3rd Award, Petersburg, Russia, 2000; honourable mention for a fashion collection Love match, Golden Thread, Łódź, Poland, 2001; Arrivals - departures - special award, Milano Gallery, Warsaw, 2003, 18th International Silverart Competition DECADENCE, Silver Spur, Gallery of Art, Legnica, 2009; PRESENTATIONS 2009 – 1st Award, Warsaw, 2009; INNOVATION AWARD, Inhorgenta Europe, Munich, 2010. Works in public collections: Amber Museum, Gdańsk; Museum in Gliwice; Museum of Amber, Ribnitz-Damgarten, Germany.



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