Michalina Owczarek


Lives in Łódź. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź, Faculty of Textile and Fashion, Department of Jewellery, 2005-2010 and University of Łódź, Faculty of Education Sciences, Department of Artistic Education, 2004-2006. Scholarship holder of Erasmus Holder at ESAD, Arts and Design Academy in Matosinhos, Portugal, 2009-10, participant of goldsmiths workshop in Sandomierz, Poland, 2009. Trainee at jeweler’s company Gold Cast in Zgierz, 2009. Co-operated with Grand Theatre in Łódź creating jewellery to Julius Caesar performance.

Participant of many exhibition in Poland and abroad, recently:
2011 - Generation 2010 – exhibition of outstanding diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź, Poland
2010 - Design in Poland, Vienna, Austria
2010 - Magic and industrial, Museum of West Mazowsze, Żyrardów, Poland
2009 - Schmuck 2010 – after-competition exhibition, Munich, Germany
2009 - individual exhibition, Gold Gallery, Łódź, Poland
2009 - Fashion Week- exhibition of students of Jewellery Department of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź, Textile Museum, Łódź, Poland
2008 - 12th International Competition for the Design of Jewellery with Amber ELEKTRONOS 2008, Gdańsk, Poland
2008 - Open Exhibition, Book Museum, Łódź, Poland
2008-09 - Gold Creations. Jubilee of 50 years anniversary of Jewellery Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź, Łódź, Wrocław, Włocławek, Toruń, Sandomierz, Gdańsk, Poland
2008 - Image & Form – after-competition exhibition, Sankt Petersburg, Russia

Awards and honourable mentions:
2010 - 21st Władysław Strzemiński Competition „Project”, Łódź, Poland – Award of the International Fair Centre - organizer of Gold Silver Time Fair; Award of Polish Jeweller Magazine; Award of the Gallery of Art in Legnica
2010 - National Jewellery Competition PRESENTATIONS 2010, Warsaw, Poland – 2nd Award
2009 - National Jewellery Competition PRESENTATIONS 2009, Warsaw, Poland – Honourable Mention
2008 - 20th Władysław Strzemiński Competition „Project 2008”, Łódź, Poland – Award of Murator - Architektura Magazine




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