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Preziosa is o project designed, management and produced by Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School in Florence, existing since 1985. Since the very beginning the school has worked to promote the culture of the jewellery in the broadest sense of the term, not only through academic activities, but also with its continuing commitment to the organization of the exhibitions, conferences, debates, especially in the fields of contemporary research jewellery.

Born in 2005 PREZIOSA has become one of the most important European events dedicated to contemporary jewellery and Young section every year presents in the most promising artists / goldsmiths on the international scene.

Presented exhibition is the third edition of the project (from 2010). PREZIOSA YOUNG has already become a prestigious event, due to the seriousness of intent, to the visibility and promotion deals to selected artists, and for the high profile of the jury, consisting of established artists, international art’s critics, gallery’s owners and curators.

Every year goldsmiths, designers, artists, are invited to submit their candidature, provided that they are not older than 35 years, and that they haven’t already had individual exhibition in galleries or in museums. In 2010 they were 111 worldwide applicants (60 in 2008, 72 in 2009).

The aims of PREZIOSA YOUNG is to contribute to the diffusion of what is new in the field of jewellery, what the new generation of gold-smiths, designers, artists is “boiling in the pot”. The 2010 edition does not have a predetermined theme but selected works are outstanding in terms of research into form and technique and display continuity and coherence in that research. The items of jewellery may be created in any material and technique.

In 2010 jury was composed by: artists - Giampaolo Babetto, Johanna Dahm, Evert Nijland and Helen Britton; on behalf of Inhorgenta, partner of the project - Angelika Wildegger; Prof. Dora Liscia Bemporad - Florence’s University; Prof. Maria Cristina Bergesio - art critic; Giò Carbone - Director of Le Arti Orafe and coordinator of PREZIOSA project.

Artists presented at the exhibition:
Melissa Cameron, Australia
Eve Cheryl, USA
Adam Grinovich, Sweden
Monica Haneckova, Slovakia
Erin Keys, Australia
Sooyeon Kim, Korea
Sachiko Shouji, Japan
Edna Yoshie, Japan

Because of the importance and beauty of works, the Jury decided to give a special mention to:
Jahyun Baek, Great Britain
Marta Hryc, Poland
Lisa Juen, Germany
Sabine Lang, Germany
Tiina Rajakallio, Finland
Elena Ruebel, Germany
Natalie Smith, Great Britain
Susanne Wolbers, Germany


The organizer of PREZIOSA YOUNG is Le Arti Orafe
Coordinator of the project and the director of Le Arti Orafe is Giò Carbone.


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