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Dialog 12: Renaissance

The Dialogue project was developed by Helen Carnac and Mikala Djorup in 1999 as a project for alumni and staff of the then London Guildhall University (now London Metropolitan University) to make new work through conversation and collaboration - since then its membership has remained fluid and changed over time.
It was set up in order to try to understand a key question: Does collaboration and group debate achieve an outcome greater than the individual or does the individual rule?
Taking several forms, its focus has been the development of a range of exchanges: verbal, written and visual, with the culmination the making of an exhibition or gathering. The interest has come from the range of visual language used between group members and the diversity of the outcomes achieved.

Helen Carnac
(fragment of the introduction to the catalogue)



Dialogue 12, in common with all the Dialogue Collective’s previous projects started with a theme, action or word to stoke the fires of inspiration and fuel its subsequent journey. In the case for this trilogy of exhibitions the word ‘Renaissance’ was selected. Firstly, because of it’s connection with the history of the final venue, The Manoir D’Ango in Normandy, France, and secondly, because of the unsettled world we find ourselves in: in terms of conflict; financial meltdown, questioning of systems and social change.  It seems a fertile environment to scatter a few new seeds and see which ones will be born or re-born and which ones will grow.
Tom Carson
(fragment of the introduction to the catalogue)



Petra Bishai
Isabelle Busnel
Laura Cave
Sophie Hall
Elsa Hedberg
Buddug Wyn Humphreys
Victoria King
Maarit Liukkonen
Louise Loder
Jo McAllister
Therese Mørch-Jørgensen
Margot Sevadijan
Paolo Scura
Ana Simoes
Rachel Terry 
Timothy Information Limited 
Aneta Wrobel

On the verge of success for a number of years, The Dialogue Collective surfaces once again this year with a highly anticipated exhibition entitled (unsurprisingly) Dialogue 12. Don't miss it.
Mike Holmes, Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco



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