Jewellery and Glass. Czech Design

The exhibition entitled Glass and jewellery presents Czech functional art whose creative centre is at the Technical University of Liberec. The exhibition shows the most interesting works of both students and staff of the Department of Design in Jablonec, Faculty of Textile Engineering in Liberec. The school is one of the best art universities in this part of Europe. It is efficiently organised and famous for its wide selection of technical equipment which is essential to the widely understood craft, artistic and designer development of the skills of its students.


The University in Liberec is known among the students of foreign art universities, especially those from Poland and Germany who take part in student exchange programs. Students form Liberec also use the opportunities of getting training abroad, mostly at the Academies of Art in Łódź and Wrocław.

The Glass and Jewellery Atelier has been the part of  the Department of Design for 10 years. Despite its relatively short existence, it has managed to gain a high position among Czech and foreign universities. The studies at the Atelier include all nuances which students may be faced with during their potential further studies or future individual work. Thanks to the highly qualified staff, the students become specialists in glass design, jewellery and small metal and glass furnishings, however, their knowledge can be put to use performing other related tasks. That is why it is safe to think that the names of the graduates of the Glass and Jewellery Atelier will appear in connection with noteworthy worldwide designs.

The future of Czech design is optimistic as there is creative freedom and space for experiments.

Andrea Ondrejová


Participants of the exhibition:
Ludmila Šikolová
Dagmar Hrabánková
Jakub Berdych
Petra Bojanovová
Tereza Borlová
Alžběta Dvořáková
Kateřina Eršilová
Martin Grosman
Žaneta Hanušová
Marta Havlíčková
Hana Hlubučková
Alena Horecká
Jan Jelínek
Petr Karban
Lenka Klimtová
Jiří Karásek
Šárka Lenertová
Veronika Luňáková
Lucie Mužíčková
Adéla Němečková
Jiří Novotný
Tereza Péková
Jelena Potylková
Zuzana Řebíčková
Jiří Růžička
Kateřina Šípová
Nicola Špicarová
Petra Stránská
Iveta Táborová
Barbora Vymazalová



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