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Annual presentation of the leading European art schools which educate jewellery artists and designers. Its aim is artistic confrontation of achievements and presentation of creative exploration of the youngest generation of artists. The exhibition presents works of professors, students and graduates of the Jewellery Department, Hochschule für Kunst und Design Burg Giebichenstein, Halle (Germany) and of the Jewellery & Metal Design Department, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee (Scotland).

Jewellery Department, Hochschule für Kunst und Design Burg Giebichenstein Halle, Germany

The course spans ten semesters and is made up of three parts: In the first two years (Grundstudium), the curriculum includes a range of foundation subjects and jewellery-related techniques in addition to the major subject. Years three and four (Hauptstudium) are, in the main, devoted to studio work. The fifth year is dedicated entirely to studio work in preparation for the diploma presentation and research for the thesis. Parallel to the practical work, the curriculum includes lectures and seminars in art history and philosophy. Students graduate with the Diploma in Fine Art which is equivalent to an MFA. Currently there are 18 students in the jewellery class  at the University of Art Burg Giebichenstein. Burg Giebichenstein provides excellent conditions to study owing to the presence of tutors and personal tuition, studio space and technical facilities. Because of the joint freshman years and the proximity of  other departments at Burg Giebichenstein, a cross-discipline exchange takes place.

The jewellery programme is based on individual studio work with regular tutorials and weekly group meetings. There are up to 20 students in the jewellery class. At the beginning of the first year, the students are set with an assignment which they are to solve in their own way  in order to develop their individual field of research. Building on this, the students develop and follow their own projects.

Students are supervised by means of formal and practical questions from the head of the department and the assistant. Technical questions are directed to the studio manager.
Exchange projects with other national and international art schools, seminars and workshops with guests as well as local and foreign exhibitions provide students with opportunities to gather experience and make contacts in preparation for their career in this field of art.

It is our aim to transcend the traditionally handed down skills and methods of the craft, to investigate the current developments in contemporary jewellery, to redefine the content and aims, to perceive what is happening in other art forms. The graduates should be in the position to choose and investigate their own themes and fields of research and to realise their ideas independently using the appropriate craftsmanship. The aim is to develop an individual artistic language and standpoint.

Jewellery is an art form in which ideas are expressed in a small format, a microcosm of abstract or figurative forms. Jewellery is primarily of private nature, it is a personal possession where the possession itself gives pleasure. Its place is on the body and its intention is to enhance the wearer. Its small scale demands taking the object into hands to be looked at and inspected from close up. What the jewel feels like, its weight, the materials it is made with, how the piece is crafted, the textures and surfaces, the forms and patterns involved, what the front and the back look like. It is conceived and made by one person for the enjoyment  of another person. Only in this context is the jewel presented to a wider public. The wearers identify with the jewel and in wearing it, show their satisfaction with it and themselves.




Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & DesignUniversity of Dundee (Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom)

The jewellery & metal design course at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design is well established with a strong national and international reputation. For the past 3 years one of our graduates has secured the top award from the Goldsmiths Company for Jewellery at the national graduate show New Designers in London.

The college has been part of the University of Dundee since 1996 and is regarded as one of the top Colleges of Art and Design in Britain and first in Scotland for Research.  There are approximately 60 jewellery & metal design undergraduates, and pathways to taught Masters and research postgraduate programmes including PhD.  As part of a modern University, students and staff at DJCAD can take advantage of all that a large educational institution has to offer, whilst retaining the special ethos of a Scottish College of Art. Staff are actively involved in a variety of international live research projects for example on identity and identity management.

The course enables students to think for themselves and create work that is both intellectually, socially and culturally engaged. Critical thinking and debate is encouraged creating a dynamic and vibrant environment in which to generate new ideas and material processes. Students are encouraged to think about their concepts, ways of working and work collaboratively and across disciplines in order to push the boundaries of their practice.

Progression through the course builds on experimentation with a wide variety of materials including paper, fabric, plastics, wood, as well as precious and non precious metals. Traditional hand techniques and new and emerging technologies such as electroforming, laser cutting, and digital processes including 3D printing are thoughtfully integrated.

The V&A at Dundee is due to open in 2014 at the city’s waterfront. A partnership between the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the City, Duncan of Jordanstone and the University the new museum will include the V & A’s own touring exhibitions as well as new collaborative ventures between the college and the museum. 



Dr Sandra Wilson, Senior Lecturer
Teena Ramsay, Lecturer
Christina Hirst, Lecturer



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