Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence, Italy


SILVER SCHOOLS cycle is an annual presentation of the leading European art schools, showing works of their professors, graduates and students. This year shows Insitute of Art and Design, University of West Bohemia (Pilsen, Czech Republic) and Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School (Florence, Italy).

Alchimia is a school of contemporary jewellery in Florence, Italy, based in Oltrarno, Florence's historic artisan district.

The philosophy of Alchimia, a name chosen for its symbolism and suggestions: the ancient discipline between science and thought, the ancestor of chemistry, from which to draw in order to transform the “worthless” into the “highest quality” through the creative impulse, the manual skill, imagination and enthusiasm.

Alchimia’s teaching method, focused on the students and their individual nature, has produced results of a very high quality, with peaks of excellence made evident by many international prized acknowledgements.

The school has obtained full accreditation of its artistic and pedagogic values and is officially qualified for European Bachelor of Fine Arts & European Master of Fine Arts by EABHES the European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools.



Hazardous experiments

Mystery, curiosity, try-try-try, risk, trust, transformation, strange…
Do you think a plastic cup is a piece of jewellery?
Probably not.
Every material has it’s hidden value. You just have to look for it.
You could: jump on it for 30 minutes, shoot it from a distance of 25 meters, bake it in an oven for 3 days, try to plant it and wait for it to grow or you could just make it explode.
Maybe, if you are lucky and patient enough that plastic cup could actually turn into something precious and unexpected, which will lead you to your piece of jewellery.














List of artists:

Andrea Melissa Arias - Venezuela

Daria Borovkova - Russia

Amani Bou Dargham - Lebanon

Francesco Coda - Italy

Gabriela Cohn - Spain

Elena Gil - Costa Rica

Ana María González - Colombia

Sana Khalil - Lebanon

Orsolya Losonczy - Hungary
Carla Movia - Italy

Kyla Murrihy - Australia

Federica Sala - Italy

María Ignacia Walker G. - Chile



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