Institute of Art and Design, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic


SILVER SCHOOLS cycle is an annual presentation of the leading European art schools, showing works of their professors, graduates and students. This year shows Insitute of Art and Design, University of West Bohemia (Pilsen, Czech Republic) and Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School (Florence, Italy).


Insitute of Art and Design, University of West Bohemia (Pilsen, Czech Republic)






The programme of Metal and Jewellery Design (established 2004) was one of the first courses available in the Institute of Art and Design of the University of West Bohemia. The main impulse to create the Institute was the lack of art schools in the north-west, west and south parts of Chech Republic, as well as the growing public demand for arts in the region. In the academic year 2005/06 the Institute received accreditation to offer MA courses.



The Metal and Jewellery Design faculty's aims are to remain the strong leader of the Czech educational establishments specialising in art and design and to create the best enviroment for the department's growth. Their priority lies in raising the quality of teaching and in the development of programmes and disciplines. The course graduates go on to become acknowledged Czech artists of international renown.  The head of the studio is professor Vratislav Karel Novák, who runs the course with the assistant Petr Vogel (MA) and the technician Miroslava Veselá.


The teaching focuses not only on the psychology of colours and shapes, but first of all, on the plastic  structure of matter and space, contemplation of nature, logical connections between man and his eviroment and emotional states and reflections. The lecturers support students in their attempts to use different media and different forms of artistic expression.  The important element of the education is the high level of craftsmanship and knowledge of materials, as well as the ability to see them in historical context. Students are encouraged to find new relations between past and present.  During their studies, they meet many distinguished personalities who help them find their own ideological and artistic direction. When taking part in debates and presenting their works, they express their feelings and opinions and learn to accept the critical feedback from others and gain self-knowledge. The workshops and open air classes in Nečtiny and Český ráj proved to be very helpful in the process. The Metal and Jewellery Design students participate successfully in many Czech and international competitions, for example: The National Design Students Award 2012, Project Talent in Zlín, Circles on Water competition in Bratislava, Legnica International Jewellery Competition - RITUAL (2012) and REVOLT (2013).  


Jirzi Podany                                                         Marcela Steffanova



Petra Benesova                                                       Silvia Dolnikova

Vratislaw Karel Novak



List of artists:

Tata Akhatova

Petra Benešova

Lenka Červinková

Silvia Dolníková

Martina Dulcová

Tereza Dušková

Veronika Gocová

Martin Grosman

Eva Hegedűsová

Antonín Juračka

Adam Kasalý

Charlotte Kejzlarová

Jaroslava Klimentová

Zuzana Kopčova

Kamil Kurka

Eliška Lhotská

Karolina Maříková

Veronika Menčíková

Markéta Moravcová

Iveta Mulačová

Vratislav Karel Novák

Kateřina Pelikánová

Jiří Podaný

Hana Polívková

Kateřina Reichowá

Marika Sejkorová

Tereza Severýnová (Píznová)

Anita Šťastová

Marcela Steffanová

Markéta Šumová

Miroslava Veselá

Petr Vogel





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