Prince Charming & Palace of Hapiness


Tabea Reulecke, Maarja Niinemägi, Teresa Lane

International project, bringing together imagination and personal experiences of three women-artists: Tabea Reulecke(Germany), Maarja Niinemägi (Estonia) and Teresa Lane (Australia). The exhibition explores contemporary Eros and romantic love through mythology, pop culture and natural instincts.




Love, loyalty, possession and desire have been expressed and signified in jewellery objects for thousands of years. What are our social beliefs on romantic love here and now? What jewellery do we wear to signify our romantic status; to promise ourselves to someone, to hold another in thought upon our body, to lure a mate or to outwardly express our inward, and often, private erotic desires? What jewellery do we imagine as women, as sensual beings, as lovers with bodies, minds, hearts, desires & fears?


This exhibition, made by  jewellery artists Tabea Reulecke (DEU), Maarja Niinemägi (EST) and Teresa Lane (AUS) draws upon historic and mythological archetypes whilst gently interrogating contemporary ideas of Eros and engaging in notions of femininity, fetish, singing sirens, and the sweet memories of those that have touched us.



“The three of us met and became friends in Estonia during the winter of 2006. As jewellery artists, and as women with different cultural backgrounds, we found ourselves reflecting on the many representations and images of romantic love in jewellery and other objects.

Although we are from separate countries, our bond continued to strengthen through the use of the internet and occasional meet-ups, leading to our creation of this group exhibition Prince Charming and the Palace of Happiness in 2009.

We have presented Prince Charming in Germany, Australia, and now Poland. Future sites include Thailand and Estonia.”

                                                            Tabea Reulecke, Maarja Niinemägi, Teresa Lane






TABEA REULECKE – an artist, jewellery designer, employed as an assistant in University of Applied Sciences Trier, Gem- and Jewellery department, Idar-Oberstein,Germany. Author of the solo exhibitions in Germany, The Netherlands, , Belgium and Thailand, participants of the

group shows (Germany, Estonia, The Netherlands, Australia, Japan, France, Belgium, Poland, Taiwan). Awards: “Japan Enamel Association”, Special Award, Tokyo, JAP (2012), “Triennale Européenne du Bijou”, Grand Prix, Mons, BL (2011), “Minimum”, Silver Trienale Legnica, „silver spur“, Legnica, PL (2010), “Graduation Prize”, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen, NL (2007).

TERESA LANE – an artist, jewellery designer from Australia. A graduate of RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia and Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia. Author of the solo exhibitions (Australia, Thailand,  Estonia, Germany,  Poland), participants of the group shows in Australia, Estonia and  Germany.

MAARJA NIINEMÄGI - an artist, jewellery designer from Estonia, graduate of Estonian Academy of Arts, jewellery art and Gemstone design and engriving, Fachhochschule Trier, Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Author of the numerous exhibitions (Estonia, Australia, Germany, Israel, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Russia). Works in collections: Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Collection of Galerie Marzee, Jewellery Department Collection of Estonian Academy of Arts and private).




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