Antek Zaremski



The exhibition presents works of the representative of the third generation of Zaremskis family – the co-founders of the Polish school of silver. He wants to detach from his family traditions. His own independence is constantly shown in the form of a rebellion or provocation, sometimes by entering a different realm of painting solution. Antek Zaremski’s bijoux are difficult to classify. This is especially true with the series he has been focusing on for the last couple of years, which consists of wire compositions defined as earrings, rings, brooches or pendants. However, their usable and decorative functions as jewellery remain symbolic, despite the author’s belief that this is their purpose.



[…] Some of the compositions of the series, placed in frames and displayed on a white background, are almost similar to the graphics, especially when viewed from a distance, becoming objects of the border. [...] Their graphic style is largely due to the almost linear nature of the wire, which has a certain thickness, allowing it to give the work real spatiality and to function independently of the plane, to which a graphic design is inextricably linked.

[...] An important feature of all the works of this series is the clean and apparent geometrism, clear in the contours of squares, circles, and especially in strongly elongated rectangles with internal divisions that complement the semicircular elements made from a flat plate, often full orbs or pieces of tubes. These elongated rectangles, which, in theory, are earrings, pendants, and maybe also rings, are vertical compositions, whereas brooches, being in their opposition, are horizontal. [...] This large set of items is only one trend of jewellery forms implemented by Antek Zaremski. Moreover, his search has headed in different directions, of which there have been many over the past few years. Beginning with the first copper rings, which referred almost to archaeological sites, through sets of brooches rich in colour in the shapes of fruits or floral arrangements, to recent artistic presentations of landscapes in the form of posters. In the meantime, there were also elegant wedding rings which were described in an issue of ‘Art and Business’.

[...] Finally, the last period has brought other changes. Next to jewellery items there have appeared typically graphic and painted works. [...] Apart from the organised, almost line codes, there were also other compositions belonging to the pure sphere of painting with its style and mood. Fashioned with fine touches of the brush, they create a mosaic of live, warm colours and overlapping marks created by a spontaneous gesture that gives freshness to the works.


Irena Huml

(from the introduction of catalogue, ”Antek Zaremski”, 2014)




Antek Zaremski b. in 1974 r. in Warsaw. Graduate of  „Bednarska” First Charter High School  in Warsaw, Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (2003, promoter:  prof. Andrzej Boss) and School of Art and Design in Łódź (2005, promoter: Ph.D. Piotr Cieciura). Member of Goldsmithing Artists’ Association (STFZ). Participant of numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad (e.g. Czech Republic, France, Germany, Serbia and Montenegro, Sweden, Slovakia, Italy).




1999 – „Bullseye”, Milano Gallery, Warsaw

2000 – International Silverart Review „SILVER 99”, Gallery of Art, Legnica

2000 – „Climates of XXI century”, „Studio M” Gallery, Warsaw

2000 – „Breaking wave”, Milano Gallery, Warsaw

2001 – „Aj aj aj. Ho ho ho, cze cze cze”, Milano Gallery, Warsaw

2001 – „Etiude and goldsmithing illustration: silver–amber”, Museum of Goldsmithing Art, Kazimierz Dolny

2002 – National Jewellery Competition Presentations 2002”, Warsaw

2003 – International Silverart Competition “The Circle”, Gallery of Art, Legnica

2003 – National Jewellery Competition  „Presentations 2003”, Warsaw

2003 – „Departures - Arrivals”, Milano Gallery, Warsaw

2004 – National Jewellery Competition  „Presentations 2004”, Warsaw

2004 – „Jewellery to the medal”, Milano Gallery, Warsaw

2005 – „The Best of – neues Schmuckdesign aus Polen”, Bettiny Meyer Gallery, Berlin

2005 – „Contemporary Polish Jewellery”, Flow Gallery, London

2005 – „Contemporary Polish Jewellery”, Gallery of Art, Legnica

2005 – „The result of creative activity”, Milano Gallery, Warsaw

2006 – „Choice ‘06”, Exhibition in Modern Theatre, Warsaw

2006 – „Contemporary Polish Jewellery” (2nd edition), Gallery of Art, Legnica

2006 – National Goldsmithing Art Competinion „Quarter”, YES Gallery, Poznań

2006 – XV-STFZ, Copper Museum, Legnica

2007 – „Magical and Industrial – Contemporary Polish Artistic Jewellery”, Museum of Masovia Region, Płock

2007 – National Jewellery Competition  „Presentations 2007”, Warsaw

2008 – National Jewellery Competition  „Presentations 2008”,  Warsaw

2008 – “Game” Six Group and guests, Gdańsk.


Awards and mentions

1999 –  Bullseye”, Milano Gallery, Warsaw (mention)

2000 – „Climates of XXI century”, „Studio M” Gallery, Warsaw (mention)

2001 –„ Aj aj aj. Ho ho ho, cze cze cze”, Milano Gallery, Warsaw (mention)

2002 – National Jewellery Competition Presentations 2002” (3rd prize)

2007 – National Jewellery Competition Presentations  2007” (3rd prize).

2008 – National Jewellery Competition Presentations  2008” (1st prize). 



Open: 25th April – 31st May, Tu-Su: 11.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Place: Copper Museum, Partyzantów 2





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