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The exhibition presents works of 4women design group. It was formed by graduates of the private jewellery school “Antidotum Manufactory". The members of the group are: Martyna Tejwan, Weronika Bachan, Jola Gazda and Dorota Michalska. 




Martyna Tejwan born in Warsaw, the  architect. Since 2010 member of the Goldsmithing Artists' Association, since 2013 the chairman of association. She thinks that her daily work as an architect is reflected in her jewellery. She likes severity of material and simplicity of form, she takes with inspirations from fauna and flora. She’s also a tireless seeker of the new solutions. Her works are conceptual but she also designs for fashion industry.

2013 –presentation at New Brand-Brand New in Inhorgenta Trade Show, Munich

2012 – award of platform "Trend Skaut"

2012 – classification to catalogue and exhibition in the National Jewellery CompetitionPresentations 2012”

2011 – classification to the second phase and exhibition in competition "PearlArt" organized by YES company
2010 – mention in
the National Jewellery CompetitionPresentations 2010”. 



Jola Gazda from hundreds meters of silver wire weaves ethereal, folk-inspired shapes. The concept of her jewellery is based on the idea of combining folk handicraft technique with goldsmithery. Every single element is hand-made, woven out of dozens, sometimes even hundreds of meters of silver wire. The elements are later finally set in silver or brass. In such a way exceptional, delicate forms are created. Although they are stylized as folk pieces they work perfectly in the urban crowd.



2013 – 72 X Jewelry, Otwarta Gallery, Sandomierz

2012 – Graże Gallery, Warsaw (individual exhibition)

2012 – National Jewellery Competition “Presentations 2012”,  Gold Silver Time – Jewellery and Watch Trade Show, Warsaw

2012 – First Anniversary of 4women Group, Sloth Gallery, Warsaw

2012 – Fresh Metal 2012, Antidotum Manufactory, Warsaw

2012 – National Jewellery CompetitionPresentations 2011”, Gwarna Gallery, Legnica

2011 – Warsaw Fashion Street 2011.



2012 – National Jewellery CompetitionPresentations 2012” – 3rd Prize and honorable mention of Hopea company

2011 – National Jewellery CompetitionPresentations 2011” – qualification to the catalogue.





Dorota Michalska loves jewellery. Making jewellery is  a cure for her soul. Her eclectic collections include different materials, but she prefers silver. She connects it gladly with colourful ceramics – it reflects her interests with pottery. She seeks for new materials, techniques and means of expression. She is also interested in felting is her domain. Dorota is inspired by nature, particularly by flora, with it’s  shape and colour richness. She uses zircons, natural cut stones and pearls in her works.

My projects are created gradually: first of all simple sketches, then first experiments in workshop. The prototype is often modified several times, before it gets expected form. I like this phase the most. The work gives me the strength, joy and feeling of self-creativity. It motivates me to constant seeking of new materials, forms and to technique improvement.



Weronika Bachan is the author of bold, precise constructions in a climate of high-tech. She studied geology at the Warsaw University, where she discovered the magic of gemstones. During studies in Geneva she started designing jewellery. She finds inspirations in other cultures visiting exotic countries. Original shapes are characteristic for her works. Thanks to unique beauty of each stone she creates jewellery with an inimitable character.

Creating jewellery is my passion, my way of life. During last few years, I was on continues journey through several continents, different countries, various cultures. I was fortunate to see so much, so many different places. Each of these places has their own magic and mystery to which I relate creating my jewellery.



2011 – “Etnokolekcja”, National Ethnographic Museum, Warsaw

2011 – “Fresh Metal” 2011mention   for the best work from “Antidotum Manufactory", Warsaw – Florence

2010 – “Inhorgenta” Trade Show, with “Antidotum Manufactory", Munich

2010 – “Magic and industrial. Polish contemporary artistic jewellery” the exhibition organized by Mazovian Centre of Culture and Art, Żyrardów

2010 – “Ściegi Ręczne”, Warsaw

2009 – “Amberif” Trade Show with “Antidotum Manufactory", Gdańsk

2009 – “Debiuts” durnig “Gold Silver Time Trade Show”, Warsaw

2009 – „OFF LOFT – Week of Various Art”, Warsaw.



Open: 29th April – 8th June, Mo-Fr: 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m., Sa: 10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.

Place: Gallery of Silver Under the Quail’s Basket, Rynek 38





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