Katarina Síposová




The exhibition presents works of young artist from Slovakia, laureate of the Award of the Gallery of Art in last year's 22nd International Jewellery Competition REVOLT, Katarina Siposová. Characteristic for Katarina`s creation is that more than the appearance of jewellery she is interested in its conceptual character. She treats the jewellery as an art medium. Instead of adding  to the visual aspect, she preferes to minimalize the materiality of jewellery in order to explore its limits and she looks for alternative ways of  communication with the viewer/wearer.  Her aim is to look for new ways of understanding the jewellery. Her collection Disturbance is about  disturbing the conventions, changing  the point of view on traditional jewellery, invading the commonly known. A pearl necklace personalizes traditions, overtime values, conventional aesthetics. Inspired by „pearl necklace phenomenon” Siposová wanted to disturb the changelessness of the traditional jewellery piece.




“The happy end of my long term research on pearl necklace was an installation  joined with a performance directly at a specific gallery space- Eggplant Gallery in Bratislava. In 4 days I  grinded completely or partially 9 self made pearl necklaces and dusted the gallery with pearls. The pearl arrising from dust gradually coated with nacre has changed into millions of dust particles scattered into the space. Gallery became the jewellery and the visitors became pearl necklace wearers and owners just by stepping in the dusted space. Aim of the jewellery instalation was not only to create jewellery piece, but more importantly mediate an disturbing feeling, that is going to stimulate a discussion about art jewelery and craft, its wearebility and permanency, interference of jewellery in other art mediums and its connection with conceptual art.”




Open: 25th April – 31st May, Tu-Su: 11.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Place: Copper Museum, Partyzantów 2





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