Meanings & Attachments



The exhibition presents the photos and the documentary film of Mah Rana - British artist, goldsmith, educator and curator. The artist, who lives in London and is connected with Metropolitan London University, realizes her artistic and searching project „Meanings and Attachments” in many countries. The assumption of the project was to study people’s personal attitude to the jewellery. The artist invites different people to say about their jewellery, the feelings and memories connected with it, about its value and meaning. Invited people come from different social classes, gender and are in different age. Mah Rana photographs them, collects written statements and publishes some of them. This project was run in international locations including Estonia, Spain, Portugal and Australia. It reflects the importance of owning, giving and wearing jewellery throughout our lives. It explores and illustrates the concept that the decision-making process that leads people to choose and wear particular items of jewellery is not always connected with aesthetic and monetary value and that jewellery with its colours, shapes and sizes reveal and complete people’s personality and nature.



The photos presented here were created by Mah Rana in Legnica on 27th March 2014. It is a photographic and written report of Legnica citizens and their jewellery.





Open: 16th May – 4th June, Tu-Su: 11.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Place: RING Gallery, Rynek 12




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