There Will Be Blood


International exhibition organized by Piotr Rybaczek, who leads La Basilica Gallery in Barcelona. All the works are related with blood. The participants: Attai Chen, Azahara Santoro, Bartosz Maria Chmielewski, Jacek Byczewski, Jie Sun, Karolina Bik, Malgorzata Kalińska, Märta Mattsson, Ming Gu, Momoko Tamura, Nicolás Estrada, Reka Fekete, Seul Gi Kwon, Walter Chen.


Karolina Bik


Woman's Burden

The average woman loses about 100 ml of blood each month during menstruation. After a  whole year it becomes about one litre of blood. Within a statistical life of a woman, she will lose 42 litres of blood ... My necklace presents the annual average loss of blood by a woman, therefore illustrating one of the aspects of the fact that is known as 'woman's burden'.


Małgorzata Kalińska


Those days

My work is an attempt of translation into the language of jewelry the most spectacular moment of the physiological process – menstruation. Between menarche and menopause, during ca.38 years of feminine fertility, menstruation appears approximately 490 times as the most visible symptom of the ongoing cycle. An incredible circle of phases and stages following one after another, which quietly, in nooks of the feminine body, are constantly playing a spectacle of life and death. The beginning of the cycle is menstruation as the most noticeable symptom – THE BEGINNING like birth, and like THE END – masculine war and death bathed in blood. KATHARSIS – purification, after which everything starts from the beginning – quietly, deeply covered in the corners of the feminine soul.



SeulGi Kwon


Snow White

As white as snow, as black as ebony...

Menstruation is one of the distinct features of women and is definitely a privilege. And many women experience menstruation in the most glorious period of their life. Also, in this way (through a picture) we see the invisible. It is enough to stroke their egos, and it make people think of an erotic fantasy. All of these are connected with my object, I think. The work was made of silicone, pigment and hair.  The hair has always been a symbol of power and temptation from ancient times. It can be interpreted as reward for 'Sexual desire', 'Abnormal sexuality', 'sexual feeling of helplessness' in these days (contemporary art) I think. That means, the hair is recognized as a sexual stimulation. Also the transparency of silicone can leave the viewer with a feeling of confidential fantasy. The transparency of the material almost evokes the delicacy of instinct in spite of the warm and oily quality of the silicone the piece is made of.



rta Mattson 


Empty promises

The menstrual cycle is often connected to discomfort and inconvenience but it is also a symbol of fertility and infertility. Being a woman in my thirties means that I get to share they joy and the sorrow of friends both succeeding and failing to conceive a baby. A doctor once told me that one in ten women will not be able to become pregnant in the natural way. Your womb stays empty and the blood keeps coming... It is like an evil reminder once a month of what you cannot achieve.



Open: 22nd April – 8th June, Tu-Su: 11.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Place: hall of Legnica Cultural Centre (LCK), Knights Academy, Chojnowska 2





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