Ewa Effenberg: Red arrow



The development of elements of a prehistoric man’s armament reflected his biological and psychological self-improvement.

In the Palaeolithic period of the Stone Age human evolution took place, from primaeval forms to modern humans. The biological growth progressed concurrently with their cultural one and was a long-term process, close to 199 000 years.

A human, as the most excellent (so far) of all mammals, started producing weapons and a whole number of other material elements, as well as non-material ones defined e.g. by the system of religious beliefs.



Homo sapiens fossilis appeared on the European mainland at the end of the Later Stone Age. It made two essential inventions in weaponry: the light javelin as a weapon thrown over a long distance, and the bow. The long-range weapon was rather a revolutionary solution for the standard of those times and is considered by numerous researchers a milestone in the growth of civilization. An American ethnologist Lewis H. Morgan calls it “a higher level of ferocity” and regards the moment of using the bow as one of the elements of the new evolutionary stage of human prehistory.

The collection of arrows “Red Arrow” was created as a result of my fascination with primaeval weapons as an inherent attribute of prehistoric humans. I find manual processing of stone and thus created objects such as hand axes, knives, burins, harpoons and above all arrowheads, which used to be made of flint, a unique and inspiring element of primaeval weapons. They also constitute creation of my collection of arrows which is a symbolical reference to the evolution and to our distant past.



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