Marta Hryc: Extra-Ordinariness




The main hypothesis of the artistic project is the question about the role of designer - caught up in the conflict between traditional understanding of the issue of ownership and, on the other hand,  existing and working in the network environment that permits unlimited access to practically any content.



An attempt to define a conflict mentioned above leads to the conclusion  that design is a polarised notion that extends between the economics and social sciences. In this phase I examine the design activities in the network environment.



Taking into consideration the economical and social nature of design, autor examines the materiality of things. She try to systematize the shift of objects between two categories: ordinariness and extraordinariness. These applications are the starting point to construct her own designing method. It is based on two assumptions: the first recognizes any material object a reflection of culture's interests. The second identifies  current culture as overloaded with visual content. The process of designing starts with developing new material (in this case it is used for 3D print) and ends up with practical application of a method - it is creation of a collection of pearl jewellery that refers to the categories essential for design: news, canon and authenticity and polemicizes with the classic canon of jewellery.




Born on 22.07.1983 in Białystok, Marta graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, where in 2014 she obtained the title of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Fine Arts, having successfully defended her dissertation entitled EXTRA/ORDINARINESS. Socio-cultural consequences of design-related activities against the conflict between the respect for ownership rights, and the right to share resources. The artist is a holder of scholarships from Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores in Mexico and the Polish Ministry of Culture and Cultural Heritage. She participated in many international exhibitions and competitions (2013: Silver Spur). Marta designs jewellery both independently, and in cooperation with recognized manufacturers.

Since 2011, Marta has been cooperating with Pracownia Designu Eksperymentalnego (www. INFRAVIOLET.PL), which focuses on modern applied arts, in which author-specific, unique, contextual strategies are practiced simultaneously with systemic, utilitarian and functional aspects. Making an effort to closely and often critically watch socio-cultural processes, the Pracownia has consistently been concentrating on the true existence of tangible reality in its close relationship with the here and now. Infraviolet is not afraid of such ambiguously interpreted terms as styling, life-style, or fashion, and suggests that the habit of a ceaseless updating of ephemeral stylistic and developmental trends, which are also sensitive to constant changes, as well as the ability to creatively individualise these trends are the most effective work tools for the contemporary designer, and are sources of his/her competitive advantage.





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