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Inaugurated in 2001 a cycle of exhibitions presents the leading European art academies and high schools specialising in contemporary jewellery and design. Over 40 schools from Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Finland, Belgium, Slovakia, Sweden, Estonia and Poland have been presented so far. In 2015 the exhibition will be showcasing works of professors, graduates and students from Germany (Hochschule Wismar, Faculty of Design) and Lithuania (Vilnius Academy of Arts, Telšiai Faculty, Metal and Jewellery).


Vilnius Academy of Arts, Telsiai Faculty, Metal Art and Jewellery



Vilnius Academy of Arts is located in four different cities of Lithuania; Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Telsiai. Telsiai is the capital of Samogitia which is the western region of Lithuania, and has its own unique history and culture. It is quite a small town located on seven hills and by the beautiful shore of the Lake Mastis. The closeness of nature, the town's openness to art and the small size of the school create a cosy and intimate atmosphere for studies and creation.

Our faculty was established in 1998. There are five specialities of art and design and Metal Art and Jewellery is the one which stands out above the others. We keep up with the phenomena of the modern world and new art tendencies and at the same time we are sensitive to our culture, internal impulses which arise from the depths of human creative potency. This fusion lets us create an individual school image.



The study programme of jewellery lasts four years and after studies the graduates gets a BA degree in Art. The whole programme has got a constant structure but every person has the conditions and space for individual development, artistic searching and self-expression. During the first year of study students are provided with general university knowledge; they are taught study field subjects: composition, visual expression, old techniques of silversmithery and goldsmithery (embossing, engraving, casting, mokume-gane, nielo, enamel), blacksmithery, design, construction and IT. In the third and fourth years of study. Through certain assignments students are encouraged to develop their creativity, original thinking, innovation and social integrity. Students themselves can choose the object of their art studies and the field of their creation, look for their identity and create innovative ideas. In all assignments students start from the initial ideas, do not stop, but carry on developing these ideas using various creation resources, exploring world art, social phenomena and man himself. Students carry out various experiments with materials and technologies trying to find the most expressive forms and aesthetics for the completion of the ideas.



The essential way of Telsiai jewellery school has always been coherence between conception and craft, so the study process contains a lot of intellectual and manual work. Students have practical courses in areas such as cultural heritage, technological and creative ones. As tripartite agreements are often signed, students have a possibility to work in various workshops or cultural institutions during their course or holidays. This way, they can gain more practical experience and social skills. 



Through the European Union's Erasmus exchange programme students were granted places to study in Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Konstfack in Stockholm, TheEstonian Academy of Arts, Escola Massana in Barcelona, and The University of Edinburgh.

The greatest embodiment of the study and creation is the final BA project. Students have created impressive and amazing jewelllery, collections of small-sized forms, works of conceptual art, works in public town spaces. Telsiai district municipality, national museums and galleries are willing to cooperate with our Faculty.  

Graduates of Metal art and jewellery perform as freelance artists, work as jewellers, blacksmiths, designers, restorers, and are employed in the cultural field in different companies and institutions. The most outstanding personalities have already been acknowledged in the art world have joined the Union of Lithuanian Artists as members. 

 Our Lecturers' creative experience and knowledge covers contemporary jewellery, silversmithery and goldsmithery, casting, medal art, small-sized plastics, architectural metal plastics, fine arts, contemporary arts and media. The academic staff are B.Zdramytė, R.Vaitkutė, A.Gedvilas, R.Inčirauskas, M.Šimkevičius, L.Kėrienė, V.Matulionis, Z.Inčirauskienė, T.Vaičaitis, P.Balčiūnas, O.Neniškis, A.Mikuta, A.Dargienė, A.Jukumas, M.Norkus, N.Poškitė. We invite artists, craftsmen and lecturers from Lithuania and abroad to give lectures and conduct workshops. 

 Telsiai Faculty, the academic staff and students constantly organise a lot of exhibitions in Lithuania and other countries. Our jewellery school is young and open to communication with the world.

Laima Kėrienė, 2015



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