Sur O No Sur


Sur O No Sur is a project carried out jointly by Eva Burton and Mercedes Rodrigo and brings together the work of fourteen Argentinian artists: Ana Weisz, Cecilia Hecker, Eva Burton, Elisa Gulminelli, Gabriela Cohn, Gastón Rois, Iacov Azubel, Jorge Castañón, Lucia Mishquila Brichta, Maria Carelli, Mercedes Castro Corbat, Patricia Rodriguez, Rodrio Acosta and Sabina Tiemroth, who -according to the artist Guigui Kohon- "show many souths full of landscapes; corners that outline thoughts and places with blurred boundaries, connecting stories and hemispheres from a feeling hard to define..."

It was presented for the first time in October 2014 during The Jewellery Week in Barcelona, at Siesta Gallery who´s director is Mercedes Rodrigo. It was also presented in Galería Silvestre in Tarragona, Spain. 


Lucia Mishquila Brichta



Waking up after a sleepless night, looking at the pictures of the pieces showed at the exhibition, reading books randomly and remembering… Everything reappears along with a passage of Marcelo Mathey, the writer. He says that when he finds a beautiful place he fixes his gaze there to distinguish the small parts of it, or when looking at a house he tries to observe the people who live there. This is an almost accurate brief of the exhibition held at Galería Siesta in Barcelona that brings us Argentine Jewelry closer in the framework of the Barcelona Jewelry Week.

Those artists showing their “souths” full of landscapes, spots outlining thoughts, inhabited places whose boundariesfade away while connecting stories and hemispheres of a feeling that can´t be catalogued.

Guigi Kohon, Buenos Aires, September 2014


Eva Burton


Maria Carelli


Jorge Castañón


Gabriela Cohn


Mercedes Castro Corbat



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