We from Jedwabne...


On July 10th, 1941, after the invasion of Poland by the German army, the residents of the small Polish town of Jedwabne, committed a heinous crime against their own people. Motivated by he anti-Semitic ideology, years of peaceful cohabitation were wiped-out in one night without any guilty feeling.

From the beginning, the history of mankind has been marked by rituals of violence. Much of what we know today about tactics and weapons of war are physically discovered in  places where the events took place (towns, cities and rural areas).

Through these artifacts,  which are in fact pieces of information, historians can fill in certain empty spaces in the books of human history. Then, we tend to rely on these interpretations in order to understand our past, giving new sense to the actions of yesterday. As the only alternative, these pieces of the past become legends which create the civilization of today.

“Z Jedwabnego My ...” is a project of La Basílica Galería that invites Polish jewellers to review the facts and the past and present attitudes towards the events in Jedwabne to finally develop a jewell or artifact as a reflection on the subject. For reasons intrinsic to the exhibition, the final pieces will  only be visible within the presentation space.

First show of the exhibition took place on the JOYA BARCELONA on September 2014. Now it will be presented on Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER. Its not possible to watch the pieces nowhere else: on website, in catalogs, etc. 




Participants of the exhibition: Bogumiła i Andrzej Adamscy, Agata Bieńkowska, Karolina Bik, Dorota Cenecka, Mariusz Fatyga, Krzysztof Gińko, Andrzej Jacyszyn, Waleria Ługowska, Joanna Mirecka-Szuleta, Paweł Kaczyński, Lidia Karpacz, Anna Kamińska, Zofia i Witold Kozubscy, Anna Król, Andrzej Kupniewski, Jolanta Kupniewska, Ryszarda Paralusz-Krzesimowska i Tomasz Krzesimowski, Małgorzata Podleśna-Zdunek, Kamila Rohn, Wojciech Rygało, Andrzej Sadczuk, Andrzej Szadkowski, Rafał Szambelan, Marcin Tymiński, Przemysław Wańczyk.  




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Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2020