Daniela Malev, Tabea Reulecke


"Forgotten dogs  and unseen flowers" 
Behind and within all creation seems to be geometry. If we look at flowers it is very obvious. But we also find it looking at water molecules, ice crystals, microscopic images of cells or structures within materials. It raises the question if there is any coincidence or free will or what individuality means.

I believe that diversity arises from a deep sense of order behind all existence. Structures and principles are the base for freedom, development and growth and should not be understood as limitations. They are the soil in which all differentiation and individuality have their origin. Plan and free will, structure and randomness are just polarities of one and the same idea. Patterns and archetypes remain unaffected by individual expression. Irregularities, seeming randomness and individual manifestation are still expressing the principles beneath but are also chances for the development of new refined patterns and evolution.

The pieces in this exhibition originate in the contemplation about the interaction of polarities like plan and coincidence, law and free will, consistency and mortality, structure and play…

The choice of materials represents these polarities. Metal, in this case mostly iron wire and alpaca, stands for a long-lasting, predictable and precise way of creating whereas an organic material as the potato is connected to the idea of temporary, transitional, individual or ephemeral manifestation.

In all my work I understand and appreciate solid craft skills as a precondition and base for artistic expression. It is essential, not to isolate technical skills from design requirements, but to see both interacting and interrelated. All technical solutions should go beyond being a mere functional and invisible part of the piece but should be essential in terms of content and aesthetics. If understood this way they are not limiting but supporting and emphasizing the statement of an artistic piece of jewellery in its entirety.

                                                                                                                                                            Daniela Malev




"I dedicate his collection to all street dogs  in Chile,
which amused and enlightened my heart from the very beginning.
Having arrived  in Santiago I had to ask myself the question: Why are there so many stray dogs living in the streets? The majority of unwanted animals that have been abandoned by their families live their whole life as homeless. There are about 2,5 million of homeless dogs in Chile. Their number may be shocking to any newcomer, especially when you see them wandering around in large packs. But to the citizens, they are as much a part of the landscape as street vendors selling sopaipillas and completos (Chilean hot-dogs).
In general you experience the good nature of street dogs, thanks to the fact that local people provide them with food and water, build them cardboard houses and knit them waistcoats for the cold winter weather. Many of the dogs know that they need to wait at pedestrian crossings for the green light and they are regularly seen boarding city buses and getting off at their intended stop and even returning again.
Despite a generally positive attitude towards dogs, the sad fact remains that these friendly animals, domesticated thousands years ago are abandoned and left to live by themselves, defenseless and vulnerable to disease and man’s cruelty. As the majority do not get a waistcoat, cold winters kill those that cannot withstand freezing temperatures at night.
The book “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is telling a story of the Little Prince, who visited many planets, before he landed on the earth, where he met the Fox. In this particular chapter the Fox teaches the Prince that if you want to know someone or something, you have to familiarize, to “tame” them and spend time together. This makes you unique for one another. Saint-Exupery continues: But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for who you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose…
In my new collection I am presenting some of the happy adopted dogs which crossed my way: Flaka, Farfana, Cholo, Benji, Canilla.… In copper and enamel objects I captured my memories of them - colourful and playful creatures.
From the depth of my heart I want to thank:
Daniel, for his love and patience during six months.
Lucia, my angel, Walter and Kairi for providing me a home and a studio when I needed it most.
Jean-Claude and Mary Ann for their trust in me and my works.
Rosa, who took care of my weight with the most delicious Chilean food, while I worked on the bench.
And of course a big thank-you to my inspiration, all dogs around Chile, which crossed my way…
To love is to share".

Tabea Reulecke













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