Debuts - Dorota Sokołowska


„from the thread to …. jewellery”


The exhibition presents works made over the period of the last two years. What unites the whole collection is the clear inspiration by handcraft and folk art and what makes  particular objects distinct is the use of different materials and technologies.  One part of the collection is created with the use of traditional goldsmith’s techniques from old, unwanted laces, which are given a new life adopting  different functions and shapes. They undergo a metamorphosis from an unattractive fabric into three-dimensional objects decorating the body. They rise like Phoenix from the ashes.



The other part of the collection is a step forward, towards modern technologies. The designer collides two seemingly different, distant worlds of traditional craftsmanship and 3D printing,  trying to prove that they can complement one another and create a new artistic value.



As a result, a new kind of jewellery is created. It shows that the  incremental technology is not only a tool for making products of determined character but lacking a soul. It can also be used to create objects possessing some characteristics of handcraft. To achieve this effect, the artist gives the audience an opportunity to “complete” her works. The user is given a set of self-assembly elements, from which they can create a chosen form of jewellery. The set is composed of various colorful strings, threads, ribbons, 3D prints and sometimes metal base plates with various types of fixing. Depending on the level of creativity of the audience, the designer proposes solutions requiring a lower or a higher level of commitment. In works with set embroidery motives and laces there is not much to change as they are already interesting by themselves. In other cases the artist leaves users a broad margin of freedom because the works are like clean canvas and it depends solely on the “artist” to paint whatever they want using the thread.





Dorota Sokołowska – a graduate of the Department of Jewellery at Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź. She participated in group exhibitions and jewellery competitions in Poland and abroad. Author of two individual exhibitions: "Clash" at the Gallery of Art in Legnica and "The Metamorphosis" at the Erasmus Zone Gallery in Łódź. Many times awarded and mentioned. During studies she was awarded with the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Award for students of art schools for achievements in artistic creation, the Marshal of the Łódź Voivodeship Prize for the jewellery collection “Transformation” and the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź Award.

The artist designing her jewellery is constantly looking for new inspiration and materials. She combines tradition with modernity creating new and unique forms filled with color and optimism. She tries to make her works evoke positive emotions in the recipient and rouse their ingenuity - hence her passion to create interactive jewellery, which the user can transform and adapt to their own needs.


Photos: Paweł Siodłok/






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