Debuts - Justyna Stasiewicz


"B(e)e Black"
Don’t be afraid of what hides in the dark
About the exhibition:
I have always understood beauty to consist in the imperfections that mark the difference between fiction and truth. In my works you will not find symmetry or mathematically calculated proportions. What matters is movement – malleability of the materials used: amber, which used to seep from a tree; metal, which many times recast closes in itself previous works while transforming into another.
B(e)e Black is my variation of objects beautiful and ugly at the same time. Objects inexplicably unsettling, but also attractive.
The collection presented is reinforced by photographs taken by my brother, Rafał Stasiewicz.


                                                                                                             Justyna Stasiewicz



                                                         About the author:


Justyna Stasiewicz was born in 1989 inKoszalin, Poland. In 2013 r. she graduated from Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, receiving the Master of Fine Arts title.

The artist’s work has two aspects: on the one hand she creates objects that are a form of artistic expression, on the other she makes jewellery designs for commercial use, also with the assistance of 3D technology.

Justyna Stasiewicz’s works have been exhibited in many places in Poland as well as abroad: Munich, Chemnitz, Barcelona, Valencia, Kaliningrad among them. They are a part of the collection in the RegionalMuseum (Muzeum Okręgowe) in Sandomierz and the Museum of the Land of Polish Academy of Sciences (Muzeum Ziemi PAN) in Warsaw. Currently, Justyna Stasiewicz is working on her doctorate at Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.










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