JAC JEWELLERY ART CONCEPT is an association of currently ten independent jewellery artists whose very diverse professional background results in an exciting dynamic. Their work is shown in galleries and museums and for several years they have exhibited at the Internationale Handwerksmesse in Munich. Each year they set themselves a new theme which is leading to a variety of individual interpretations that do not conform to the common definition of jewellery. There is a wide esthetic quality ranging from the delicate to the massive, from the monochrome to the colourful and the materials are as diverse as the members’ approach to jewellery making. Experimentation and innovation are at the centre of their work and each member has their own distinctive style. The members of the group are: 

Günter Block, Christine Demmel, Susanne Elstner, Helen Friesacher-Borst, Michaela Köppl, Kristina Kundt, Juliane Schölß, Christoph Straube, Barbara von Taeuffenbach, Danuta Uhlig.


Barbara von Taeuffenbach



Christine Demmel 



Christoph Straube



Danuta Uhlig



Günter Block



Helen Friesacher-Borst



Juliane Schölß



Kristina Kundt



Michaela Köppl



Susanne Elstner



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Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2020