Jeemin Jamie Chung




Spending my childhood in many places and cultures with constant new meetings and farewells, I have found nature as a comfort zone.
I express nature and in particular the form and structural changes as a plant grows, into Art Jewelry. 
In order to express the growth characteristics, I have used movable structure
and crafted them into repetitive and symmetrical forms to depict the plant
Movements in the pieces are created using tension and gravity.

The movements due to gravity are similar to the scattering of seeds. The tension of the metal simulates the botanical growth.
                                                                                                                                                            Jeemin Chung

Graduate of Kookmin University College of Design, Metalwork & Jewelry, Seoul, Korea. MFA Diploma in 2010. In 2004/05 stay at Sheffielfd Hallam University Metalwork & Jewelry (Exchange Program). In 2005-2012 presented works at group exhibitions all over the world, among other in France, Japan, korea, Great Britain. She was also an author of individual exhibitions in Korea (2009-2012). Her works was published in „500 Wedding Rings”, Marthe Le Van, Lark Brooks, NY, U.S.A, 2007.


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