Sergiusz Kuchczyński




The exhibition “Layers” is a selection of works created after the year 2012. The core of the collection are objects made as a part of my doctoral thesis, supplemented by later works or those presented never before.

Since the very beginning I treated the corset – subject of my doctoral thesis – as a kind of cover or layer. Eventually it turned out that the problem I chose had a great potential for resulting issues and it would define the space of my artistic interests. This art concept emerged from the treatment of the corset as a symbolic form, an idea rather than a material entity.



The corset in my works proved to be a synonym of time and its transience, of destruction and the will  to staunch it. It is a pursuit after beauty, limitation but also liberation. It becomes a norm, but rejects what is fixed and approved. It protects, but also separates. In my understanding the whole world becomes a corset – the world unknown, secretive, waiting anxiously to be discovered. One corset covers another and so on into infinity, layer after layer, it reveals or hides another structure.



A diversity of  meanings and contrasts makes it possible for an artist to show many aspects of a problem, and in this way to express fully his authorial statement.  I hope that I managed to exploit this creative potential at least to a certain degree. Nevertheless, I am aware that what I described and created is restricted by the corsets that I mentioned. The collection presented becomes somehow a part of a triptych that I am working on, and its next part will refer to memories, traumas, mutual connections and questions about our identity on different levels and in various dimensions.


The exhibition is accompanied by a presentation of photos taken by Dominika Sadowska, which complements the exposition, and by a catalogue designed by Mariusz Andryszczek. 

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