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HEAR Haute école des arts du Rhin 


An artistic approach of matter and volume


The option Art–Object is situated within contemporary art oriented training and includes the Clay /Ceramic, Glass, Jewellery, Metal, Paper/Book and Wood workshops, some of which date back to the 1892 origins of the Ecole supérieure des arts décoratifs of Strasbourg. Closely related to the field of sculpture, in its current manifestation ranging from actions to installations, the notion of object goes beyond the artist’s book and jewellery. Through the use of diverse materials and high-level knowhow, students discover unexpected forms and expressions and produce new aesthetic approaches.


Professor Sophie Hanagarth



 Professor Florence Lechmann



Although attached to the workshop they chose, students share teaching modules with the other workshops. Furthermore, the other specializations, Art, Design and Communication, collaborate with the workshops, places of fruitful multidisciplinary encounters. Throughout their studies, students benefit from various forms of teaching: technical training, theoretical courses, language courses, individual tutorials, conferences, research workshops, seminars and workshops… A group presentation, opened to the public, is offered every Thursday (


Ancelin Camille



Jewellery Workshop

Jewellery as an artistic discipline and field of experimentation is a particularity of French art schools. Rooted in the Goldsmithing Workshop, the Jewellery Workshop at HEAR borders on contemporary art and design. It is a place for acquiring and using techniques and for generating ideas related to the intrinsic qualities of the jewel and the complex evolution of body adornment. Students develop a relevant personal vision through the use of various materials and know-how. Whether an object of power or a popular Art–Object, the jewel is a small zone of materiality and jewellery is a portable art, situated on the body (


Chevance Marine



H_a_u_t_e_ _éc_o_l_e_ _d_e_s_ _a_r_t_s_ _d_u_ _R_h_i_n_ _S_t_r_a_s_b_o_u_r_g_–M_u_l_h_o_u_s_e_ _(_F_r_a_n_c_e_)
As a public establishment, HEAR provides higher education courses (equivalent to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) in visual arts (Art, Art–Object, Graphic Communication, Design, Textile Design, Information Design, Illustration, Scenography) and music (classical, ancient and contemporary music, jazz and improvised music). Based in Mulhouse and Strasbourg, HEAR prepares its students to become autonomous creators, authors and musicians capable of interpreting and inventing artistic languages. To encourage students to gain international experience, HEAR has created partnerships with 80 institutions in 30 countries including South Africa, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, the United States, Israel, Norway, Holland, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, etc. HEAR arose from the merger in 2011 of the École supérieure des arts décoratifs of Strasbourg, the École Supérieure d’Art of Mulhouse and higher education of Music of the Strasbourg Conservatory.
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Under the educational supervision of the french Ministry of Culture and Communication. 


Lagnier Bluenn



Preira Cannelle



Ramon Laurianne



Wallentin Jamila



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