Vered Kaminski




The exhibition is composed of groups and their transitional elements.

The creative work process led to an object, which led to another object, and so on, but not necessarily linearly.

The transitions between the objects are blurred and some objects can be attributed to and derived from more than one group.



Stones; primary stones of jewelry according to history and tradition.

Metal Mosaics; as the process unfolds, materials change, stones are cast in metal and become metal mosaics

Branchings; “trees” which are constructed according to the mathematical principles of exponential progression. 

Loops; One branch from “Branchings” became Loops.  In the wire works:  the ends connect to the beginnings to create a continuous, uninterrupted flow of loops but always maintain – either in grid or freeform – the rules of weaving, one wire above and one below.  In the flat surfaces works: figuratively drawing a line without raising the pen from paper – curving/twisting, crossing itself repeatedly, finally, again, the end meeting the beginning, creating checkerboard-like windows, in a way which never places "black" next to "black"/"white" next to "white."



Space Frames; Another offshoot of branching became space frames - the tree branches combined or merged into space frames.

Soap Bubbles; the space frames were thinned of most of their material and hence, their compression-based physical strength, leading to the softer, expansion-based strength of soap bubbles, which literally reflect their surroundings.





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Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2020