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Patricia Domingues Reconstructed

Place: Legnica Culture Center, Chojnowska 2

Exhibition open till: 11th June 2017





Concerning my work in the last few years, I have been interested in the idea of recreating an image of a landscape through processes of fragmentation. I have been working with ‘the line’ as a medium for construction and separation. Blocks of material are consciously fragmented in a rationalized breaking, which simultaneously frees and demarcates a form from a space, and are later reunited. This duality is present in my work as fragmentation and union, and materialises in different ways: either in the division of the same block into two independent pieces, or in a single one. They are accumulations of a changing image that captures the rhythms and patterns of the deconstructed and reconstructed image.

Patricia Domingues

Until now the study and the observation of the qualities and fragilities of materials has been my main way of working. Simultaneously I have been investigating two different classes of materials: natural stone and all kinds of artificial materials. The differences in origin and material qualities between the two have been an inspiration.

On one hand, a stone is always a unique element in the sense that in nature there are no two the same and once a stone is cut, this action is irreversible. They have their own internal rules, full of lines and fractures. Moreover working with stone means being confronted with a world of qualities that vary, surprise and sometimes frustrate. Stones have been in the earth for billions of years and through a process of transformation are unpredictable and therefore difficult to understand.

Patricia Domingues

By contrast, the reconstructed material is a massive industrial block. In this case, the idea of uniqueness is lost as no matter where the material is cut, the result is always the same. If with natural stone, the starting point differs each time, in this case the material is predictable and easy to control. For me, stone is an object of admiration which represents the idyllic image of nature whereas the artificial material functions as a blank sheet of paper, devoid of personality, where I can reinvent the observations I have made in the natural world.

Patricia Domingues

The balance between something provoked and something uncontrolled is intriguing. After a long period spent observing and feeling how stones break, I started provoking fragilities and tension points myself to find out how the material reacts. The resulting pieces are fractures, inscribed in a landscape which develops and liberates through the will of control and simultaneous release.

Patrícia Domingues


1. Sodalite, lapis lazuli, agate, aventurine (green, orange), arkansas stone, rose quartz, landscape jasper, obsidian, serpentine, soapstone, granite, marble

2.  Artificial turquoise, lapis lazuli, marble, ivory, coral (white, red, orange), onyx, aluminium, wood and Corian


Patricia Domingues

 Patricia Domingues

 Patricia Domingues

 Patricia Domingues

Patricia Domingues 


Patricia Domingues

Born in Portugal. Lives in Germany. Works in Germany and Belgium.



2016/20 - PhD research in Arts, (Hasselt University & PXL – MAD, within research group MANUFrACTURE), (BE).

2010/13 - M.A University of Applied Sciences Trier, Gemstone and Jewellery Design in Idar- Oberstein, (DE).

2009/10 - Exchange student in Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, (EE).

2007/10 - Artistic Jewellery at Escola Massana, Barcelona, (ES).

2002/05 - Goldsmith’s Course Art and Metals, at Art College António Arroio, Lisbon, (PT).



2017 - “Reconstructed - Rekonstrukcje” , The Gallery of Art, Legnica, (PL).

2015 - “Fragmenting Matter”, Gallery Reverso, Lisbon, (PT).

“Fragmentation and Union”, Gallery RA, Amsterdam, (NL).



2017 - “Loewe Craft Prize 2017”, COAM Madrid, (ES).

2016 - “Neuer Schmuck aus Idar-Oberstein”, Stadtmuseum Simeonstiff Trier, (DE).

“Idem@Reverso”, Gallery Reverso, Lisbon, (PT).

“Justus Brinckmann Förderpreis 2016”, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, (DE).

“Behämmert”,Handwerkskammer, Handwerksform,Hannover, (DE).

“Förderpreises für das Kunsthandwerk Rheinland-Pfalz 2016”, Gallery Handwerk Koblenz, (DE).

“20/20” - Art Jewellery from Around the Globe, Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery, (UK).

“The City”, Legnica International Jewellery Competition, Legnica, (PL).

“GUT Germany’s upcoming talents”, Gallery Biró Junior, Munich, (DE).

“BKV Prize 2015”, Messegelände, Munich, (DE).

“Invisible Wall”, Centre del Carme, Valencia, (ES).

2015 - “BKV Prize 2015”, Gallery of Applied Arts, Munich, (DE).

“European Prize for applied Arts”, at Wcc-bf Mons, (BE).

“Black on Black”, at Manchester Art Gallery, curated by Jo Bloxham, Manchester (UK).

“Précieux Passages”, at Maison du Bijou, in Le Cheylard-Ardèche,(FR).

“SleepLess: Trier University of Applied Sciences Degree Show 2015”, at Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein, (DE).

“Surfacing”- Duo exhibithion with Sara Gackowska at Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, (AU).

2014 - “Plateaus Jewellery Project in collaboration with designer Marta Veludo”, Gallery Amaranto Joies, Barcelona, (ES).

“Plateaus Jewellery Project in collaboration with designer Marta Veludo”, Munich, (DE).

“Plateaus Jewellery Project in collaboration with designer Marta Veludo”, Legnica, (PL).

“NSAIO5” New Jewellery from Idar-Oberstein, Berlin, (DE).

“Talente Competition 2014”, Messegelände, Munich, (DE).



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