Silver School - Bulgaria



Metal Department, National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria

Place: Legnica Culture Center, Chojnowska 2

Exhibition open till: 11th June 2017


National Academy of Arts is an educational institution with a hundred-and-twenty-years-long history. It provides higher education to Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees in Fine and Applied Arts. To encourage students to gain international experience NAA cooperates with higher education institutions from abroad. There are bilateral Erasmus agreements with the countries of North, Central and Southern Europe. 


Metal Department has been a part of the NAA / Faculty of Applied Arts for twenty-five years. During Bachelor degree courses students are taught consistently in all directions. The objective of the course is to render the students the properties of metals and metal capabilities of various techniques and technologies to create works of art - from miniature to monumental work. Also studied drawing, sculpture, history of art, anatomy, perspective, order in space, architecture and more. Students can choose one of four separate studios for their Master’s Degree.         





Jewellery studio is headed by prof. Dimitar Delchev. The learning process is focused on creative and intellectual development in direct relation to technical skills. Students are introduced to basic concepts, objects and tasks of the composition, as well as methods of visualization of a project, various techniques and technologies for implementation in the material. Jewelery Studio courses include composition, practical and experimental tasks.                                                                                  The course aims to train independent and highly trained in every aspect of its work authors.




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Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2020