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 The Jewelry and Fashion Design Department of the Bezalel Academy, Israel

Place: Legnica Culture Center, Chojnowska 2

Exhibition open till: 11th June 2017


 The Jewelry and Fashion Design Department of the Bezalel Academy is responsible for all creative activities addressing the immediate vicinity of a person›s body. Exploration, research and design activities pertaining to the immediate vicinity of the human body – with regard to materials, technologies, culture and ideas – take place through the two major programs currently offered by the Department: jewelry design and fashion design. The Department›s uniqueness stems from its in-depth approach to technical expertise on the one hand and thorough research on the other hand, which enable the existence of a diversified ‹material laboratory›. The discourse between the various activities taking place at the Department is formed within the space of this laboratory.





The jewelry design major program includes two primary fields: the field of artifacts – where practical objects and utensils are explored and created, and the field of jewelry and accessories, which has always constituted a kingpin of the Department and possesses a history of extensive and important creative output in this field. The uniqueness of this program at the Bezalel Academy stems from the fact that it enables (in addition to providing in-depth knowledge of jewelry making) the exploration and definition of a unique, contemporary identity at the characterization, material, form and user experience levels. This major program has the potential for a unique discourse that mediates between traditional craft techniques and advanced ecological and technological methods that relate to the contemporary discourse in the field of jewelry making and individual design.



The fashion design major program fits in among the other creative fields of the Department and opens up new horizons. Its objective is to explore prominent concepts, to challenge and re-chart the boundaries of existing conventional concepts and their various layers, while emphasizing each and every stage of the production process. The field of fashion has helped, throughout history, in defining the state of mankind, and clothing is a social representative. Accordingly, this major program examines the relationships between the clothes/envelope and the human body, the environment and culture, while identifying the emotional and functional needs of the addressees. The instruction provided in the context of this major program encourages a formalist, colorful and material practical experience while at the same time providing professional skills.





Both major programs aspire to maintain between them a material and conceptual creative relationship that encourages exploration of the boundaries between the fields and the establishment of new channels of multidisciplinary thought. The curricular program at the Jewelry & Fashion Design Department includes, initially, a broad foundation of concepts and methods relating to the subjects being taught. In later years, students are guided to select a major (specialization) program. As of the first year, the students study technologies and work methods as well as conceptual approaches relating to the basic materials and tools that are typical of both major programs. At the end of the first year, the students choose one of the two major programs, in order to converge, in subsequent years, into in-depth creation in their chosen major subject. During the second year, students continue their ‘basics’ studies in the context of each major program separately, but at the same time, every student can continue and take courses from the other major program, such as a ‘Studiolo’ or technical courses. During the third year, the students develop independent projects in the context of their respective major programs, and during the fourth year, the students’ abilities are honed and perfected in preparation for the final project, which summarizes the entire learning process both conceptually and materially. The emphasis is placed on improving and broadening the students’ planning and material execution capabilities throughout the work process and in the final products. The instruction methods and the characteristics of the projects aspire to develop the material and





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