ASTONISH is a collective of seven female artists and explorers fascinated by making and designing contemporary jewellery and objects. They call themselves a group of fresh, young, jewellery artists from Trier University of Applied Sciences, Campus Idar-Oberstein, Department of Gemstones and Jewellery who want to show the world their very different approaches towards gemstone. They all met during their studies and have been a group since 2015. The starting point of this collective was the fact that they all were exploring different perspectives of the topic of (gem)stones. They all were driven by different ways of dealing, playing and struggling with this unique material. This fascination fueled all the creative activities of young artists, including those that resulted in this exhibition with the significant title The Holy Rock.


The collective is open for change, so they are not always the same members, new people are coming and other ones are going, so they are always in motion, which refreshes their ideas and leads to new projects. Also in the future they hope to collaborate with other collectives or artists. Current group members are: Gabriela Cohn and Eva Burton - both from Argentina, Sharareh Aghei from Iran, Helen Habtay of Eritrean origin, , Pia Groh and Stephie Morawetz – both from Austria and Julia Obermaier from Germany. No wonder they organize and network the ASTONISH project internationally: from Germany, Israel and Spain. They are a colorful and lively group, building up this collective with the common goal: to make, present and share contemporary jewellery.

                                              Eva Burton                                                                          Gabriela Cohn

The Holy Rock.

Child of the elements.

You connect us to the past and our memories. You give us silence and peace. Hypnotized, we gaze at you when exploring your inner worlds. Born from time and the forces of nature you are everlasting and the matter of our making.

                                            Helen Habtay                                                                      Julia Obermaier


Every Rock is holy, indeed. From stones as silent observers, we make valuable experiences, we communicate through our making. Find the seven makers of ASTONISH for the first time at Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER, to pay tribute to 'THE HOLY ROCK' in you and me.

                                              Pia Groh                                                                           Sharareh Aghae


So let us celebrate together Gems and Jewels.




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Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2020