Fragility - nothing lasts forever. There were so many wonderful moments, views, thoughts, emotions that we do not remember just because they are immaterial, however, they are precisely what we should focus on, instead of the material. In short, the task of sand jewellery is to remind you that it would be better if it did not exist

Michał M.B. Fatyga

Michał M.B. Fatyga - born in 1985 in the Gdańsk Bay area. Member of the Polish Visual Artists - Polish Applied Art and the Association of Goldsmithing Artists. He has been creating jewellery since 2013. In his projects one must seek hidden stories. Each of the unique forms seems to be a witness to the events of another place and time.


Exhibitions (selection):


- Prezentacje, Warszawa, 2014

- Amberif Design Award, Gdańsk, 2015 - Wyróżnienie

- 25. Międzynarodowy Konkurs Sztuki Złotniczej MIASTO, Galeria Sztuki, Legnica, 2016

- 2016 x Biżuteria, Galeria Otwarta, Sandomierz, 2016 - Nagroda Burmistrza Sandomierza

- Prezentacje, Warszawa, 2016

- Amberif Design Award, Gdańsk, 2017

- Prezentacje, Warszawa, 2017

- Simple & Beautiful, Wuppertal, Niemcy; Londyn, Wielka Brytania, 2017

- Trend book, Gdańsk, 2018



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