Art Jewellery Competition accompanying the Amber Trip 2018 International Baltic Jewellery show in Vilnius (Lithuania) 2018


2018 is a special year for Lithuania as this year the country celebrates its 100th anniversary of the restoration of independence. A hundred years ago we became independent. We have enjoyed human rights and freedoms for a hundred years. We have been choosing what we consider to be right and feel responsible for our own choice. In other words, we live like free people. We can travel in any direction and return to Lithuania, although Lithuania belonged to another state not so long ago. The iron curtain was an almost impossible obstacle for us. All our dreams to see another, free world rebounded from it. To survive today‘s day, we had to overcome a number of ideological and bureaucratic barriers. To return home, we had to shake out our suitcases during customs checks. But now, at the airport, we are quietly passing through the gate named „Nothing to declare“. We have nothing to hide, we have nothing to declare. We can only declare our freedom, and we are grateful for this opportunity to the signatories who signed the Declaration of Independence a hundred years ago.

Zahar Valach


Adrienn Pesti


The jewellery art competition “Nothing to declare” invites artists to announce their freedom in the language of jewellery, to say loudly that we have nothing to declare or hide. On the other hand, we can declare our freedom, freedom to travel and stay in our homeland, freedom of thought and freedom to disagree with others, freedom of being ourselves, freedom of being an artist and freedom from the idea of Independence. Because we have gained such a right. “Nothing to declare” means justice and the possibility of passing through any inspectors with no fear (it is not by accident that we can also see the representative of the Customs of RL among the members of jury), but above all, the whole set of possibilities. We offer the opportunity to present this by using the metal art. This theme is revealed in works of the participants, even 109 of them from 26 countries. We picked 50 best works for the traveling Exhibition.


 Andrea Wagner


GRAND PRIX Isabel Tristán Ochoa (Hiszpania / Spain) "Just now"


NAGRODA w kategorii BURSZTYN / AWARD in category of AMBER Andrea Wagner (Holandia / the Netherlands) "Golden Waters Cave Under Amber Lakes"


NAGRODA w kategorii BIŻUTERIA / AWARD in category of JEWELLERY Mansuo Zhu (Niemcy / Germany) „Through“


NAGRODA w kategorii OBIEKT / AWARD in category of OBJECT Andrius Gudišauskas (Litwa / Lithuania) "I'm so free that's even hard"


NAGRODA przedstawiciela LITEWSKIEJ IZBY CELNEJ / AWARD of the RL CUSTOMS representative Ieva Zigunskaya (Litwa / Lithuania) “- Do I declare that, Sir?”


NAGRODA PUBLICZNOŚCI / AWARD of the AUDIENCE Andrius Gudišauskas (Litwa / Lithuania) "I'm so free that's even hard"




Za lekkość / For lightness Vita Pukštaitė-Bružė „Place under the Sun“


Za materiał / For material Nassrin Vessalian (Iran / Iran) "Doubts"


Za międzynarodowość / For internationality Simona Martinkutė (Litwa / Lithuania) "Liberty screw", "Legal happiness", "To Find"


Za filozofię / For philosophy Darja Popolitova (Estonia / Estonia) "Metanoia VII" & "Metanoia XV"


Za postawę / For attitude Alix Manon (Belgia / Belgium) "NO means NO"


Za zapach / For scent Kristy Bujanic (Belgia) ”Ode To Family”



Laima Kėrienė (Litwa / Lithuania)

Jurgita Grajauskaitė Litwa / (Lithuania)

Arvids Endzinš( Łotwa / Latvia)

Tanel Veenre (Estonia / Estonia)

Giedymin Jabloński Polska / Poland)

Sergiusz Kuchczyński (Polska / Poland)


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