Photo Exhibition 




The post-competition photo exhibition accompanies one of Europe's most important cyclical events devoted to artistic jewellery - Legnica SILVER Festival 2018.

The theme of this year's edition of the Festival and the topic of Festival’s main event - the 27th International Jewellery Competition - is Illusion. For 7 years a national photography competition with the same theme has been organized alongside the jewellery competition.

Legnica Festival's unchanging tradition is the selection of themes that address important phenomena shaping the present. We have always tried to follow current civilizational changes and to inspire artists to go out of set schemes and seek their own, unique interpretation.

Illusion is a paradox in which a phenomenon - illusory, false and fictitious by its very nature - serves to describe actual reality, considered to be the only true one. Thus illusion is a confirmation of how dual and ambiguous we are. And that - perhaps - it is impossible to define a man without the concept of illusion, an illusory imagination or a transgression of reality. Illusion can also be creative and constructive because illusions inspire and initiate actions, they are the driving force behind our deeds. It was out of this unbridled want for illusion that art was created, including jewellery... Illusion is a glow, magic, dazzle, fantasy, it is emotion, memory and an inexhaustible source of stories.


Participants of the competition were faced with the task of presenting different interpretations of the identity topic, and the jury:

- Nina Hobgarska (member of ZPAF),

- Waldemar Zieliński (member of ZPAF),

- Krzysztof Saj (member of ZPAF),

- Dariusz Kawczyński (exhibition’s curator of Art Gallery in Legnica)

chose the most interesting ones for this exhibition.

The jury assessed 392 works sent by 129 participants and qualified 23 persons and admitted awards and honourable mentions.

Contest winners will be announced during the opening ceremony May 18th till 19th 2018 in Culture Station - the Gallery of Lower Silesia Railways.


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