Holownia is an exhibition of works not selected for the 28thLegnica International Jewellery Competition SILVER. Its name comes from the traditional and recognizable exhibition space – the hall of the Old City Hall. 

Legnica International Jewellery Competition is the main event of  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER, organized by the Gallery of Art since 1979. Being of a purely artistic nature, the Competition favours the idea, worth and sense of the artistic statement. Participating artists must submit works characterized by an original creative idea and a high artistic and technical level and referring to the competition’s theme. This year the theme was SILVER.

383 works were sent by 190 artists from 33 countries all over the world (including almost all European countries and Korea, Japan, Israel, Taiwan, United States of America, Turkey, China, Argentina, Mexico) to take part in this year’s Competition.


The participants were to present their own interpretation of SILVER. 


This year we decided not to look for a pretext or an excuse. It materialized on its own (though it have been with us constantly since 1979 - for the entire 40 years of the history of Legnica silver festivals and exhibitions of design jewellery). And that's why it's still so important to us.

SILVER / Argentum. A subject that calls for a return to the sources, focus, patience and attention, perfection of execution, a reinterpretation of the term "noble metal" - in its material, chemical, historical, mercantile, cultural or symbolic value. (S. Fijałkowski)


The exhibition of the 28thLegnica International Jewellery Competition SILVER can be seen at the Gallery of Art in Legnica, Pl. Katedralny May 1sttill June 9th2018. Visiting both exhibitions – pieces qualified for the exhibition SILVER as well as HOLOWNIA – one can confront jurors’ decisions with one’s own opinions.



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Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2020