Jaroslaw Westermark


Jarosław Westermark (born in 1954), a mathematician by profession, is one of the most recognized Polish jewellery artists. He has been dealing with the design and creation of jewellery since the early 1980s. He is an artist who has always been associated with Legnica’s exhibitions of artistic jewellery. He has received numerous distinctions and awards in different reviews and contests. He has also been a juror.

Jarosław Westermark’s individual exhibition is of a retrospective nature. The presented collection includes the first sets of jewellery made of silver in the 1980s, numerous competition projects and new works, among which amber dominates.

The pleasure of interaction with the works of the artist stems from the purity of forms and perfection of their workmanship. The objects give the impression of having been carefully thought out and refined. In combination with their satirical character, they are both high-class works of art and a perfect presentation of craftsmanship.

Referring to the views of Michelangelo, art presents a vision, and a vision is born in the mind. Jarosław Westermark designs his projects in his imagination and then materializes them directly in the artwork. The omission of the project phase on paper is even more astonishing because remarkable technical solutions and the use of sophisticated structures have become the hallmark of his artistry.

The exhibition includes works from the artist’s private collection, the collection of the Copper Museum in Legnica and the International Collection of Contemporary Jewellery in the Gallery of Art in Legnica and deposits of the Vistula Museum in Kazimierz Dolny, the Amber Museum in Gdańsk, and also the Castle Museum in Malbork.


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