Joya Brava


The “Interior” exhibition is the result of the work of 26 artists from Chile who have been associated in the association of contemporary jewellery makers under the name Joya Brava for almost ten years. 


Curator of the exhibition, Jorge Castañón, invited them to delve into their complex and unique inner world.Artists from Joya Brava accepted the challenge to explore this world and translate their findings into the language of jewellery. They aim was to create objects of value and commitment that would communicate a message. That constitutes their idea of contemporary jewellery – no longer a mere ornament, an object of high aesthetic and material value, but a means of communication, a content carrier. 


Over one year Jorge Castañón guided artists in this critical work, crossing reflections and feelings, together with the experimentation of materials and techniques. The result of the artists’ work are pieces that speak of their interests, pains, joys and hopes and that reflect a summation of their visceral feelings, an accumulation of their experiences and ways of seeing themselves against their surroundings. The exhibition brings together  all the differences and convergences of Joya Brava members embodied in pieces of paper, porcelain, metal, textiles and other materials.


„[…].The existential questions are always the same. But the answers are the result of our experience in the place where each one was born, with a culture that helps us to construct an answer throughout our lives.

Contemporary Jewellery has the responsibility to escape the temptation of being a mere decorative object and to occupy instead the space for communicating and generating an object of reflection[…].
Latin America has been working for many years to bring its perspective and poetics nearer to the international scene of this vision of the art, which works with the body as an object of communicational desire.


Jorge Castañón




Ana Nadjar, Andrea Silva, Carola Donoso, Cecilia Roccatagliata, Clarisa Menteguiaga, Constanza Bielsa, Daniela Rivera, Gabriela Harsányi, Joyce Marín, Loreto Fernández, Liliana Ojeda, Massiel Del Mar, Melina Rapimán, Mónica Díaz-Pinto, Monoco (Mónica Pérez), Pascale Durandín, Patricia Iglesias, Paulina Latorre, Pía Walker, Rita Soto Ventura, Soledad Ávila, Valeria Martínez, Vania Ruiz, Viviana Arévalo, Yael Olave, Yoya Zamora-Manzur


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