An important aspect of our work is publishing. The exhibitions organised within the framework of Legnica SILVER Festival are accompanied by catalogues presenting the artists' works with authorial or curatorial comments. They make a valuable contribution to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge about contemporary artistic jewellery. The first catalogue documenting the jewellery exhibition issued by our institution comes from 1978!

Since that time the Gallery has been publishing richly illustrated catalogues presenting awarded and outstanding works shown in exhibitions and the achievements of Polish and foreign jewellery artists. Apart from these, important publications are as well: books and catalogues summarising annual jewellers’ meetings in Legnica –"SILVER meetings" and works summarising over 60 years of scholarly activity by Professor Irena Huml "Ars Argenti".

Most of the publications can still be purchased in the Gallery of  in Legnica or via the Internet.


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SILVER meetings 2. Contemporary jewellery in Legnica 2012-2019

A bilingual (Polish-English), richly illustrated album publication presenting the latest history and achievements of Legnica SILVER Festival in a systematic and comprehensive way. The publication is a continuation of the SILVER meetings Legnica, which summed up the previous history of the Festival, i.e. the years 1979-2011. Published in late 2019, SILVER meetings 2 is a compendium of knowledge about the Festival, which grew out of the specificity of our region and over the 4 decades of its existence enriched and shaped its cultural life, at the same time expanding to finally become, at the beginning of the 21st century, one of the largest  European platforms for presenting contemporary jewellery.

Promotion: Purchasing SILVER meetings 2. Contemporary jewellery in Legnica 2012-2019, you will get SILVER meetings 1. Contemporary jewellery in Legnica 1979-2011 free of charge (as a bundle).

Price: 27 EURO + shipping costs

330 pages, paperback





HandMade – Polish Silver Art 1945-1979

A bilingual (Polish-English), catalogue of works presented at the exhibition HANDMADE during Legnica SILVER Festival in 2019 with a curatorial commentary by Krystyna Nowakowska PhD and a critical text by Dagmara Wójcik PhD. The jewellery shown in the catalogue documents the development and changes in the field of jewellery art in Poland over the years 1945-1979. The exhibition consists of works by Polish artists, which constitute the foundations of contemporary jeweller making. The publication presents a selection of them - we will see the works of post-war jewellery masters (Henryk Grunwald, Józef Fajngold, Mamert Celmiński, Jadwiga and Jerzy Zaremski) as well as those created in the Cooperatives of Art Handicraft, such as Imago Artis, Orno, Warmet and Rytosztuk.

Price: 15 EURO + shipping costs

84 pages, paperback




Borders of silver spaces... Polish jewellery of the second half of the 20th century

Irena Huml

A catalogue presenting works of Polish jewellery makers from the second half of the 20th century belonging to the collection of Prof. Irena Huml – author of many publications, studies and articles, a distinguished researcher, historian and art critic, for many years associated with the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The publication presents characteristic examples of jewellery produced by the Cooperatives of Art Handicraft - such as ORNO or Imago Artis – but also works coming from unspecified brands as well as works of outstanding artists – among others J.J. Zaremski, Jacek Byczewski, Wojciech Rygało or Józef Fajngold. The catalogue contains an extensive commentary by Professor Irena Huml.

Price: 17 EURO + shipping costs

73 pages, paperback


Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER

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